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Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation. A great website homepage will encourage people to take action on your site and engage with your product. One site that displays a strong focus on calls to action is the Dropbox homepage which is concerned only with drawing people into the product. With over 50% of searches now performed on mobile, designers and developers who are not thinking mobile first are certainly missing a trick.
The Evernote site is a prime example of transforming a site for mobile, looking just as slick and crisp. We all want gazillions of visitors to see our beautiful website, but the truth is a few, well targeted visitors are of far more use to a brand. The Gogoro site works well to entice its established audience with clever animation and interactivity. User journey is a vital function in a successful website, and a confusing layout will see visitors bounce from the site in seconds flat.
The Whitehouse website is clever in presenting a lot of information in a clear, concise manner. Websites are no longer pretty things found around the web, they are vital components of integrated marketing strategies and their design should consider each other element of these strategies, as well as representing their brand in strong fashion.

Remember too, that although your web site homepage will need to provide some information about you, it must always be tightly focused on the needs and interests of your target visitors. In that vein, you want to help your visitors find what they were looking for when they arrived at your site.
Be honest, sincere and helpful, define your website purpose and the topic of your website and you'll have all the website basics for a homepage covered. The following tutorials will teach you the ins and outs of writing an effective home page for your website. Writing your web site homepage is one of the most important things you will do on your site. The tutorials below are for web owners who have mastered the basics and are ready for the next level. We get into set patterns and quickly find ourselves attached to anything we regularly interact with – whether it is a favourite mug or indeed a website. Whether its because of a liking for the product that the website relates to or because of the website’s design and functionality itself, there is something that captivates us.
It is the opening gambit for captivating users and often the most important page in terms of search engines, but what is it that makes a great website homepage? This doesn’t mean cramming the home page with hundreds of ‘BUY NOW’ buttons, but making relevant attempts to compel users to dig deeper into the site and product. If a site looks bad on mobile and requires copious amounts of finger pinching, then it is an immediate turnoff for mobile users.
Thus, a strong website should know exactly who its targeting audience is and be designed to cater for them.

Designers need to carefully consider how their users will view the layout of a site on first glance and design around this experience. That pulls them into your site and gets them hungry to learn more of what you have to offer!
It doesn't have to be perfect and you will probably go back and tweak it at some future point, but do take time to write it well and following the guidelines we provide here on this site and in the SBI Action Guide. From a design point of view, creating that perfect website is a real art form and one that requires a great deal of toing and froing.
It introduces you, your topic, your particular slant on that topic and what your web site will contain in the way of content.
Sometimes you might want to lead them sequentially; other times you might just want to give them a few different choices, based on specific needs they may have. Carefully written and well-positioned content will seek to answer these questions immediately for the user, and if they achieve this, they likely have a captivated visitor in their control. And although website owners, including the BBC, often ask for feedback while a new site is in the beta testing phase, rarely does it amount to much change.

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