Now that a huge number of companies are on Facebook, a whole generation of marketing departments, copywriters and social media practitioners are discovering the joys of creating content. When it comes to Facebook, of course, it is probably just as important to relay existing content as it is to create it – particularly given the sheer quantity of material that you have to be putting out there. The other good reason to determine what your timeline is about is that it is easier to delegate.

If you have any other tips to creating more consistent and coherent timelines, why not drop a note below? Use these free images for your websites, art projects, reports, and Powerpoint presentations! The last thing you want to do is just become a relayer of random material as there are a couple of million people out there doing that already.

The timeline becomes less dependent on the inspiration of one person and a briefing can be sent out to other writers that know where to go looking for ideas.

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