The Warrior Wonder Woman Bear has red and blue fur with gold stars on it, and wears a red leotard, blue skirt, cape, red boots, tiara, and bracelets.
LIVE Prices are not available because this product is either NEW or not yet carried by our retail partners. Build-A-Bear Finn is a teddy bear version of one of the lead characters from Star Wars: The Force Awakens. The Rey Happy Hugs Teddy from Build-a-Bear Workshop wears a three-piece Rey costume based on the character from Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Kids can build Care Bears Cheer Bear and Tenderheart Bear at Build-A-Bear Workshop, and then personalize each bear with a Tutu Outfit, We Care PJs, and other fun accessories.

The candy-scented Be Mine Sweet Hugs Pup wears a hoodie with jeans and sneakers, and holds a Be Mine candy heart. The Build-A-Bear Snoopy and Build-A-Bear Fifi stuffed animals can be dressed up in different costumes, from Flying Ace and Charlie Brown to pajamas.
Kevin is the protective "Big Brother" of the group and he leads the mission to help save his tribe. Bounder the Chocolate bunny is really fast, but at the same time is always running a little bit late – especially when it comes to showing up on time for dance lessons with his partner and fellow instructor Daisy! This plush bunny knows some pretty sweet moves, and with the help of her friend Bounder has created the “Funny Bunny Dance” just in time for Easter!

Naturally, as a chocolate bunny, Bounder has some pretty sweet dance moves and is always ready to show them off to his friends in Bearville!
Grab your Build-A-Bear plush friend and join Daisy and Bounder as they walk you through the fun steps of the Funny Bunny Dance!

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