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The shelf is constructed of cedar boards and off-the-shelf exterior brackets – both from Menards.
While I’m thinking of it, many of you want to know how the outdoor furniture is holding up. We added hardware for future shade sails. Adding shade sails above the deck and dining patio has been on our wish list for a while.
Instead, we purchased and installed the hardware (basically a trio of heavy duty rings) along the eave and have loose plans to put in a trio of posts in the yard this fall. We put in two garden beds. I wish the picture better portrayed how much joy this project has brought to our lives. A few people were worried when I first said we were going with a charcoal-colored metal roof, afraid it would be dark and absorb heat. The metal roof is a greener alternative to traditional asphalt shingles not only because we expect it to outlast an asphalt roof by 25 to 75 years but also because it was installed over top of the existing asphalt roof, keeping two layers of asphalt shingles out of the landfill. With the new roof, we were able to get rid of some unnecessary roof clutter – ridge vents, original kitchen hood vent, etc.
I think gray gutters and downspouts would have looked great but the existing soffit was white and in excellent condition. The new gutters are wider than standard gutters used with shingled roofs to accommodate faster runoff from the metal roof.
It rained all last week and while I was at the Underdog taking pictures of the new skylights, there was quite a downpour at the time along with 20-30 mph winds. The metal roof and skylight install cost us $3,000 out of pocket since we put money from our hail damage insurance claim towards the purchase.
Since there’s a large picture window at the front of the house that lets tons of natural light in, we chose to have four skylights installed on the backside of the house {over the future kitchen} where natural light was lacking.
At first, HH and I were set on adding a trio of skylights but once the ceiling was vaulted we realized things would look much more balanced if we added two pair of skylights – one pair lined up with the kitchen window and one pair lined up with the new french doors in the kitchen. Of note – While the skylights were available in-store, we had to special order the flashing kit for our metal roof.
Other than providing the once dark kitchen area with much needed light, the skylights also provide us with a great view.

I promise in real life the view looks 100x’s better than what I can capture with my camera. Now that the metal roof and skylights are in AND now that the Underdog has passed inspection {!!!}, we’re able to start insulating the walls and vaulted ceiling.
With the Underdog under quarantine, the boys and I get to see HH more over the next few days than we have in months! Photos and Pictures - Exterior views of top model Kate Moss' new red brick Georgian-era mansion located in the exclusive and high-class Highgate suburb of London. Caption: Exterior views of top model Kate Moss' new red brick Georgian-era mansion located in the exclusive and high-class Highgate suburb of London. Although the standard license covers most uses, we know there are customers who need even more, such as unlimited print circulation. It works round-the-clock, and for not just days or weeks, but for months and months, very own Money From Your Website making you tons of CASH! This summer we crossed off a few of those things and even tackled some projects that weren’t on the list.
We cleared them out earlier this summer with the help of a chainsaw and a rented stump grinder and paid a tree trimming crew to come out, mulch everything and haul it off. Oh, and all those holes in the soffit are where our electrician installed electrical boxes for exterior recessed lights that haven’t been installed just yet. The narrow width allowed the skylights to be installed without cutting into the existing rafters. I’m not exaggerating when I say HH has been spending every spare minute of his time at the Underdog plugging away.
Directly promoting a product or service, advertisements, commercials, electronic resale items such as templates and wallpapers, album covers, packaging, print on demand goods, and prints for resale are all prohibited uses. We’re able to make it through entire weekends with no dust flying, no rooms off limits, no major disruptions. We actually love the aesthetic of the snow rails and we’re glad to have the rails in place before winter hits. The kitchen sink is just inside the window but it’s difficult to access the shelf through the window. We didn’t plant anything in it because we wanted to see how the first summer went with one bed.
But after our first heavy snowfall two years ago, the guards over the front door slid right off with the snow.

In the summer, I stash the cushions behind the sectional under the deep eave for added protection from the elements. We did give them a look but we really feel like our space would benefit most from custom sails. As soon as he saw we were attempting to grow a garden, he offered up two tomato plants from his garden that weren’t doing so well. When Bassim sees us outside weeding, watering or harvesting, he comes over to say hi and talk garden talk. I thought about making it a cutting garden so I could grow flowers to bring inside for decoration, but our family has enjoyed growing food so much that I think we’ll plant more veggies next year.
I haven’t written about the garage yet, but we parked a vehicle in it for the first time ever! We’ve determined a larger rectangular sail over the deck and a smaller triangular sail over the dining patio is the ideal setup for us.
And seeing the kids’ sense of pride and excitement in growing, picking and eating their own food is priceless.
John's Wood home up for sale at the price of nearly $16 million after only living there for about two years. Then he cut sections of the snow rail to length and screwed them into the metal roof ribs with stainless steel screws.
The covers are machine washable and I wash them each fall before stashing them away for the winter. Layne had grown a few hot pepper and cucumber plants from seed at school last spring so we plopped those in one of the beds and let nature do its thing.
Oftentimes, a company with a waiting list is worth waiting for {as long as you do your research, of course}. They still fit the cushions but you can see how the piping doesn’t line up perfectly now.

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