Buenas habia mirado un movil qque no valga mas de 150 euros esta bien el bq 4,5 por 149 o mejor el huawei g525 que son parecidos,gracias. Buenas: estoy buscando un movil para iniciarme en los smartphone entre los 70 y los 120€, me resulta complicado decidirme porque siempre encuentro comentarios. La conexio inalambrica podri presentar inconvenientes por muchas razones, dependiendo de cual sea el problema hay una razo causa diferente, dependiendo de la.
Copyright © 2013 Caroldoey, All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners. When it comes to the communication modules the Y300 tries to keep up with its big competition; almost every known module is integrated.
The warranty period of the Y300 is 12 months; the battery only comes with a 6-month warranty. Even less space in the landscape modeDisplayUnfortunately the 4-inch LCD-TFT-Display is not based on IPS technology but offers a reasonable resolution of 800x480 pixels and good results in our tests instead. SaturationContrast and maximum brightness are good for a device in this price range, yet not sufficient to work well under direct sunlight.
PerformanceSnapdragon S4 MSM8225We are already familiar with the Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 MSM8225; the Huawei Ascend G600 was equipped with a higher clocked version. We do not expect too much from the Y300 in the benchmarks - but maybe the entry-level device can surprise us?
We already reviewed the pretty inexpensive Ascend G600 for 300 Euros (~$391) but the company managed to cut this price in half for the smallest model Y300: For only 149 Euros (~$194) you can own a 4-inch smartphone. However, if we have a closer look at the standards we can see that some of them are not up to date. The telephone menu has not really been changed or adjusted; nobody should have a problem making a call.
Despite the average brightness we cannot determine significant picture noise and the details are sharp.

The glossy display is another problem; you have to adjust the angle of the device and avoid direct sunlight to see the display content. Even before we could complete our tests and fill our database with the results some benchmarks really stood out - unfortunately not due to the performance. You can buy the smartphone for just 149 Euros (~$194) but is it a good deal or should you invest more money? Obviously this price is realized with lower performing hardware; the clock of the Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 MSM8225, for instance, was lowered to 1 GHz and is only supported by 512 MB RAM.
At first it seems very Android-like but at a closer look we see that the App-Drawer has been removed. Due to the technology the colors are a bit pale but more natural than an AMOLED-display, for example.
Of course this leads to better battery runtimes but at the same time it has a negative impact on the performance. However, the GPU is identical to the G600 (Adreno 203) and the display resolution is still up to date. Outdoors and with sufficient brightness the main camera convinces with a very sharp picture but we can determine a slight blue cast.
Similar priced devices and even mainstream devices certainly have problems to keep up with these results.
Numerous reboots did not solve the problem and we had the same issues with the latest 3DMark - Ice Storm Standard and Linpack. With 800x480 pixels it has the same resolution as the HTC One SV, which is 0.3 inches larger. The flash storage with its 4 GB is not up to date, some of the latest 3D games occupy between 300 and 500 MB alone. In the other benchmarks the Y300 gets better results than the Xperia J, not bad if we consider the similar clock and the limited RAM.

The DeltaE value for blue is clearly above 5; the grayscale presentation deviates from the norm with every brightness setting. Although the hardware of the G600 should be faster both devices are actually neck and neck. The hardware of the HTC One SV is way faster and we also list the HTC One to show the performance of the latest high-end hardware. The material of the battery cover is very thin and it is constantly moving, at least on our review unit. Twisting the device resulted in loud creaking noises everywhere; in addition the display could be slightly pushed in at the center. The entry-level smartphone is currently available in black and white.ConnectivityWith such a retail price you certainly should not expect any innovations. However, it is nice that the device has a removable battery and that the storage is expandable via micro SD slot. Certainly a must-have feature since the capacity of the internal storage is very limited with only 4 GB.
At the top we have the 3.5 mm stereo jack (center) and the power button next to it on the left. The micro USB slot is located at the left side and can be used to recharge the smartphone and establish a connection to a computer. After the removal of the battery cover you have access to the micro SD slot and the SIM card.

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