Our secure, climate controlled storage facility is set up to provide both long term and short term vehicle storage in a non-descript building monitored 24-7 by a state-of-the art alarm system. Whether your prized car is a vintage Porsche or classic 1955 Thunderbird, the staff of enthusiasts at Dallas Car Storage will give it plenty of TLC.
Our climate controlled car storage facility is already home to exotic cars owned by private collectors. When you have labored to restore a classic car, you need a place to store it where it will be secure.
Storing and protecting a rare investment automobile isn't a job for the local self storage.
From storing vintage BMW motorbikes to space to store a commercial vehicle, Dallas Car Storage can arrange an affordable indoor vehicle storage program for you.
Experience for yourself the sense of security that car storage facility in Melbourne has to offer.
Garages are generally used to store in one, two or even three cars and as storage spaces for tools, bicycles, woods, etc. The dimensions of a car, especially, the car length vary significantly between several models. To find the best garage for your car, add to the width of the car a clearance of 2’-6’’ to 2’-7’’ (76cm to 80cm). Garages are places were people store things, like the lawn motor, bicycles, tools, woods, old books or even an extra freezer. Garages, not only store cars in but also funtion as workspaces for woodworking and other crafts.
Should I hang curtains only on patio doors or along the entire wall?My parents’ house is old styled and the living room is 6m X 3m and height 3m.

This car storage system was installed 12 years ago and consisted of 3 cantilever mobiles designed to take any size and weight of car. Get this free warehouse White Paper PDF from Raymond Handling Concepts and as a Warehouse Innovator we'll send you weekly articles, tips, blog posts and special offers designed exclusively for warehouse professionals. If you’re planning on keeping your prized car in storage during the winter months, here are some tips to help extend the life of the vehicle and have it looking good as new when you roll it out in the spring.
Wash and wax your vehicle before putting it away so dirt and debris doesn’t seep into the paint over the winter months. In business for over 30 years, Dallas Car Storage is an established and reputable car storage company staffed with true car enthusiasts.
You'll find Dallas Car Storage has the expertise to help you protect and store your investment automobile. You should always give importance to the factors that fit your needs; otherwise, you will only be wasting your hard earned money. If leaving your car at home is not an option for security reasons, make sure that storage units have enough security such as a gated entry, surveillance camera, sufficient lighting, security fence and many others.
Aside from security, you also have to make sure that the storage facility is completely safe. If you are on a budget, you should also choose the site that suits both your finances and preference. If you want to know about the kind of customer service the car storage facility offers, reading reviews is the way to go. When it comes to the issue of best garage size or standard measurements the opinions differ.
The longest ever stored was a 7 metre (23 foot) Cadillac and the heaviest was 2200 kgs (4,840 lbs).

Things such as cleaning the filters, changing fluids and getting an oil change will ensure your car is ready to go when the weather heats up.
The purpose of storage facilities is to ensure that your vehicle is in great condition even when you are not going to use it over a certain period of time.
More likely than not, the cost will depend on the location, facilities and the security features. Although you cannot avoid reading a few negative reviews, make sure that you are not seeing a pattern. In fact, the ideal garage size depends on three major factors: Car size, storage needs, working in the garage.
The living room features a variety of color, including black and blue cushion sofa and armchairs, and red cushions. It is a popular choice especially for modern designs since it gives that contemporary and elegant look, not to mention the illusion of more space.
For instance, going on a holiday trip with your family may take weeks and if you fail to choose a reliable storage facility, you will not enjoy your holiday because you are worried about your car. If the storage facility cannot be maintained on a regular basis, you will also be in doubt of its safety. There are storage facilities that will charge you per month even when you only need a few weeks of storage.
Special box beams made by a local racking company were required to cope with the deflection.

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