Quoting Removed, click Modern View to seeSo it's one of those odd ducks made after the official end of production?
Hello McKenz , Congrats to you , I have been telling the know-it-alls here on this board and other for YEARS that Ford built 4 CYLINDER TRACTORS DURING THE 1965 MODEL YEAR and they still say that nothing was built after 1964, and I have this info on Ford paperwork and from Ford Tractor Engineers, Distributors, Salesman and Dealers that I know personally that were there so YES YOU ARE ALSO CORRECT in saying your tractor is a 1965 .
Hello John , The highest serial number 1965 4 cylinder tractor I had ever seen was 76,000 a 4030 Light Duty Industrial from Missouri (which sold on Ebay) which made sense as far as production numbers go on a monthly basis . Hello Again John , I forgot to tell you that the 1965 Light Duty Industrial Tractor that sold on Ebay that I am reffering to also shows up on Ebay on the cover of a CD of Ford Tractor Manuals for sale .

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I also have three Ford four cylinder tractors serial numbers 64680, 69783, and 70244 and I have had others and sold more too . The highest serial number that I know of is over 81,000 which puts assembly into December 1965 a whole year of 1965 4 cylinder production . Ford show there was a 1965 2000 High Crop single front wheel tractor there with a serial number of 81,467 the highset I have ever seen which of course does not fit into the number of tractors built on average per month of 1965 .

I had all that info saved on my Hard Drive but one time my computer crashed and I lost it and could not recover it even to the point of disassembling the hard drive and trying to read each of the magnetic layers seperately with no luck . TRADEMARK DISCLAIMER: Tradenames and Trademarks referred to within these website pages are the property of their respective trademark holders.

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