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To make quick purchases enter any Product Number from our paper catalog into the POWER SEARCH box to the right, click the SKU radio button and GO!
These first-rate industrial storage and workstation products are also ideal for businesses, schools and industry at the same sensible prices. Dura, Bott, and GP metal cabinets and workbenches are manufactured of high quality powder coated steel by leading UK companies and have been proven in industry across the UK and Europe. NewAge products are manufactured to similar high levels of quality but sourced in large production batches from overseas to benefit from economies of scale which we pass on to buyers. WireCrafters Industrial Storage Lockers set up fast, and can be moved or reconfigured as your storage needs change.
WireCrafters all steel woven wire storage lockers are an ideal way to secure resident's personal items in multi-family building common storage areas. WireCrafters RapidWire™ Industrial Storage Lockers are a perfect solution for securing employee items or company equipment.
The above described use for our Industrial Storage Lockers is not just for outside service providers. With RapidWire™ storage lockers, managers and workers have full visibility of what is being stored. Submit your contact information and details about your upcoming project, & we'll quickly get you in touch with your local dealer.
Unless otherwise specified by the customer or by the stock finish description on our website, all WireCrafters products receive one coat of gray (standard) liquid enamel. Custom matched colors require the submission of a one inch square (or larger) paint chip with order, and require an additional charge.
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JavaScript is unavailable or disabled; so you are probably going to miss out on a few things. Bespoke or standard floor,wall mounted metal cabinets, stainless steel industrial cabinet manufacturers UK, industrial storage cabinet and lockable steel cupboards. Please take a look at the companies standard and industrial cabinet and enclosures gallery page. Industrial metal storage cabinets for a varity of small parts, View industrial metal storage cabinets, industrial metal storage cabinets Product Details from Suzhou Yinhoo Ex. Florence Manufacturing has designed and stock preconfigured MINI Storage Lockers in a variety of sizes for easy ordering and quick delivery. Every effort has been made to bring you the products you need with great pricing and service to match!
We aim to keep our prices sensible and to provide value-for-money keeping our overheads and costs low whilst at the same time offering high service levels.
Our full line of hinged, double hinged, and sliding doors are available, and the open but secure design allows free circulation of light, HVAC, and fire suppression systems throughout secured areas. The RapidWire™ Industrial Storage Locker is for those items you use within the work area. Providing storage lockers for personnel around manufacturing facilities or distribution centers also helps to control expensive items that tend to walk away or be misplaced. This is essential for supervisors who want to be sure that the lockers are being stocked correctly; a solid steel cabinet would require supervisors be issued a separate key to be able to view what, if anything, is stored. Doors have full length angle strike, three point cane bolt lock on double door units with padlockable handle.
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If you do not have a paper catalog and you want one click the REQUEST A CATALOG link above. The open but secure welded mesh design allows in-plant lighting, ventilation, and fire suppression systems to work effectively throughout the storage area. They are designed to allow you to store large parts and specialized equipment that you are responsible for.

Maintenance workers can save valuable time if they have several sets of tools securely stored throughout the facility.
This design also creates accountability for individual workers and the items and equipment they are given.
Even without a paper catalog, you can easily shop online and find the same great products at great prices. Industrial lockers can be installed individually or in groups, and can be configured to have one to four compartments. WireCrafters has supplied RapidWire™ storage lockers to companies that have outside technicians. Workers going back to one designated storage area can cause increased downtime when machines need to be running.
Our open but secure design of the wire mesh allows instant verification of the contents inside the storage locker. To get started either click one of the pictures below, click a category from the list to the right type a category keyword in the POWER SEARCH box or use our PRODUCT INDEX search. WireCrafters Industrial Storage Lockers set up fast, and can be moved or reconfigured as facility needs change. A bank of lockers (one for each technician) is filled by an inside worker with the items each technician will need for that day. Having multiple industrial storage lockers with appropriate tools keeps everyone working more efficiently and effectively.
The technicians go to their individual locker, remove their parts for that day's work assignments, and put those items in their service truck. This type of storage and distribution system helps control the company's inventory, and assigns individual responsibility to workers. Usage (Application)Suitable for factories, offices, a variety of small parts, hardware tools, machine parts, mold parts, electronic components, materials, stationery and other use of storage.
Shipment arrange will offer by yinhoo logistics, own by ourself, can be so quick to arrange for you;2. Production tracking day by day, we can offer photos from our product-lines, for your reference,only;3.

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