Bitcasa has already previously launched desktop apps and a Chrome browser extension to users, but the new addition will help Bitcasa spread to new devices and users. With an Infinite Drive, mobile users can automatically store and access their photos from any device. The new Bitcasa service is currently free of charge to users, but after the beta development stage is finish in February 2013, the price will rise to $10 per month for unlimited storage. When saving almost 2 inches of headroom is important, and speeding the process in a typically unfriendly environment is important, and being able to pull-up sections as needed later for access to the ceiling is important -Infinite Attic brackets are the solution. This was exactly what I was looking for to maximize the amount of useful space in my garage attic. This $51.99 drive-bay device is both a flash-card reader and a dock for an included, removable 'Infinity Drive' cartridge.

It also means that they can send large videos and albums to friends and family, as well as watch videos in multiple formats.
That being said for what they are and how they are made (simple aluminum extrusion saw cut to size) they are rather overpriced and someone is making a lot of money on this. I managed single-handedly 800 ft2 at 56 years of age with standing space only at the start.
My only concern was that I had to order it online instead of getting the item at one of the local Home Depot locations for easier convience. Use the cartridge in the Infinite device, or pop it out and put it to work as an external USB 2.0 hard drive. To make mine easier to install I used a hot glue gun to temporarily glue the brackets to a 2x2 before bringing them into the attic area so I didn't have to try and space out everything while cramped in the attic.

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The 78-rafter saddle system can be installed around obstructions with the use of standard 2 x 2 lumber and plywood, making it easy to create storage in areas with limited accessibility.

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