This is a two night bed and breakfast stay in a signature club room at the Delta Bow Valley Hotel in Calgary, where many out of town cast and crew have stayed over the past 6 years. This consists of two return tickets anywhere WestJet (one of the carriers that production uses) flies (good for one year) plus a painting of horses and an autographed Season 6 Heartland poster. Shaun Johnston has kindly donated his Takamine guitar, which was used to record the songs heard in Episode 506. This lot consists of a script signed by Graham Wardle, costumes he wore as Ty and a 20 minute Skype conversation with him (one on one) in the future. This lot consists of a personal script signed and annotated by Michelle Morgan, costumes she wore as Lou and a 20 minute Skype conversation (one on one) with her in the future).
A script signed by Chris Potter, costumes he wore as Tim (Jeans, shirt, boots and a 'Time for Tim' apron) and a 20 minute one on one Skype conversation with Chris in the future. Rick Roberts is the award winning production designer who has been on Heartland since Season 1.
Here we have a script signed by Amber Marshall, costumes she wore as Amy, including the Promise Ring (!) and a 20 minute one on one Skype conversation with Amber in the future. This has been set up only for this purpose; anything other than requests to bid will be deleted.
2) In the subject heading please type the lot number, followed by the maximum you would care to bid on that lot. 3) In the body of the email please type in your name and a phone number where you may be reached so you can be a part of the auction. 4) For each lot, the top 3 bidders with the highest amount they would be willing to bid will be telephoned 10 minutes ahead off the time posted for the lot. You will then be kept on the line and will be able to participate in the bidding, when the lot is auctioned by Wally the auctioneer. Please note the time listed is MT (Mountain Time) which you should consider when deciding to be a part of this.
The other thing you need to know is that every cent raised from this auction will go to the High River Disaster Relief Fund.

And for those of us who just don't have those kinds of funds--sorry wild press have me tapped--is there a way to donate a few dollars like to an International Red Cross or local charity? What size does Amber Marshall (Amy Flemming) wear so I know before I bid on her clothing items?
I am IMPRESSED AND BLOWN AWAY by all of the options all of the lots that are up for bidding. This and everything else included in the lots is BEYOND EXCELLENT as there are costumes included, the Heartland scripts, the Heartland posters, a painting of horses, and how there is a 20 minute Skype conversation for each character package. Also, THANK YOU BW for putting up the instructions on how to send and email in regards to this auction.
Heartland is a show that brings happiness to people and teaches you very valuable life skills. Now, That I have my step granddaughter hooked on Heartland this would be an awesome trip for her.
What a fantastic event - was so touching to hear Chris Potter talk about the emotional impact that the flooding has had on the High River community from his perspective.
I am a huge fan and would like to know why Heartland was taken off of the air in Mobile Alabama. That's right, exactly one month from this Saturday (May 9) the cameras will start rolling on season 10 of Heartland.
When their plans to get away are thwarted, Amy and Ty celebrate their first anniversary closer to home and Amy unveils a special surprise. Tomorrow (Saturday, July 20) will see a live auction during the HEARTLANDERS FOR HIGH RIVER Fundraiser. The lot includes an autographed Heartland script and a Season 6 poster autographed by the main cast of Heartland.
The hats do not come with the TV, but there will be a Season 6 poster signed by all the main cast of Heartland. It is personalized by Shaun himself by him accidentally backing up over it with his truck (Ouch!).

This lot consists of two 18" x 24" prints of the Ranch and the Ranch House, drawn in 2007 by Rick, who has autographed both. By submitting your comments, you acknowledge that CBC has the right to reproduce, broadcast and publicize those comments or any part thereof in any manner whatsoever. We have watched season 1-4 on netflix and cannot wait for the rest of the seasons to be released.
When the cast and crew of Heartland put a fundraiser together and auction they REALLY out do themselves.
Lot #1 - The two night hotel stay, Lot #2 - The two tickets anywhere that WestJet flies, Lot #3 - The Georgie Character Package with signed script by Alisha. With all of the unrest around the country, it's sometimes hard to stay positive but this program is a wonderful reminder of the beauty & calmness this world still holds. She was in Canada for the first during the Stampede and love Calgary, Drumheller and Lake Louise.
Her lot consists of a script signed by her, costumes she wore as Georgie (including that touque) and a 20 minute Skype conversation with Alisha in the future.
Have lunch with the cast and crew on the ranch and enjoy a full day on set while Heartland is in production.
Please note that comments are moderated and published according to our submission guidelines.
She wanted us to find Heartland ranch so she could see the horses and of course the stars :). I really wish that it would be put back on down here i am lost without being able to see it. Sad I didn't win the walk on, but I had a great time and helped out a great community and that's what it was all about!

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