If you're not prepared to rip your roof off to insulate, adding foam insulation between the rafters may be the easiest option for a cathedral ceiling. This New Hampshire beach house may have a great view of the ocean, but there's not a shred of insulation in the roof.
Michael Buckley is on a tight budget, but he knows he's got to do something about the problem.
Buckley's request for advice, the subject of this week's Q&A Spotlight, rings a bell with two other readers. The objective of insulation is to minimise radiant heat transfer and deliver a more comfortable climate inside the shed. One of the most popular insulations today for Steel Sheds is the bubble wrap foil insulation or Polymer Foam types. When installing radiant barrier insulation it’s important to follow the manufacturers instructions. This gap is usually a minimum of 40mm and vital in helping block the heat transfer from your cladding to your shed space by creating an air pocket or cell.
The high tech insulations work as radiant barriers (otherwise known as reflective technology). With most insulations of this nature they need to be overlapped no less than 100mm or carefully butt joined with a quality foil tape.
Look at the ceiling, a great neat insulation finish you can achieve with SilverCell when installation is done at the time of the roof being installed.

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When I lived in Northern Illinois i simple took 2 foot chicken wire and stapled it onto the studs and then stuffed crumpled up newspaper between the wall and chicken wire. One trick, do not drive the staples all the way into the stud, this way they are easy to remove with a pair of pliers  and you can remove the newspaper in the spring, it will collect lots of dust and cob webs so you will want to remove it. If you use nails on the top of the chicken wire and just bend them up to hold the chicken wire up and use staples at the bottom to secure it to the wall might be the way to go. I see you live in central Indiana, does it get cold enough for the need for insulation.  I live just outside of St Louis and I don't insulate anymore and my birds do just fine.
Cardboard or crumpled paper will mold, creating potential health problems; also crumpled paper will become Mouse City. Personally I would not sweat the fact that styrofoam is pretty flammable and gives off toxic fumes if there's a fire. If you don't like foam products that pretty much leaves you with bags stuffed with sawdust (another Mouse City hazard btw), or batts of fiberglas or rockwool insulation.
Any of these insulation materials are quite easy to work around your shelves and to put in a little bit at a time, so I am not sure there is too much to choose among in that way.
Sign me up for free emails from Fine Homebuilding with the latest news, tips, and techniques. A house in his climate zone should have a minimum of R-38 insulation in the roof, and ideally more than that.

He points to claims the radiant barrier adds more than R-15 in a layer slightly more than 5 mm thick. The real question is whether it should be applied on the inside of the ceiling, or on top of the roof deck, notwithstanding the fact his roof is only five years old. This type of foil insulation is simple to install, effective and can be retrofit if you did not install it when the shed was built. I had nine and they drain this in a flash, so I recommend that if you use this only use it for about 3 ducklings max.. If you have a fire, the chances are pretty good that you will lose all your chickens no matter WHAT insulation material you use, just because the structure is so small; and humans are not involved so there isn't the usual consideration that way like you'd have in houses. You might see if you can find someone getting rid of cheap 70's style rec room panelling, that would be just fine for covering up insulation and it is certainly cheap enough. Once you've joined, you can either continue to use your social credentials or you can login with your username and password if you prefer. One of the girls just today found a peice to close to the wire and she grabbed, ran and was proud as Jack Horner with his pie!

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