Energy producing homes are growing in numbers, and with rising energy costs and ever-mounting concerns for the environment, we can see why. From Italian design company Subissati comes this wonderful, modern wooden prefabricated house.
A lovely little video on the BBC site featuring Plankbridge and their traditional shepherds' huts business. Large congratulations to Roomworks who, in addition to winning Shedworking's new HQ competition earlier in the year, received the Garden Room of the year Gold Award at the House Beautiful Awards 2009 (they pipped B&Q to the post who came in with silver). Garden2office is now offering a 25-29sq m Sportskabin from Sweden using their highly insulated closed panel system.
As reported in the Richmond & Twickenham Times, the garden office belonging to awardwinning architect and sustainability consultant Clive Chapman was targeted by thieves who stripped lead from the roof of the office on Eel Pie Island in London. An interesting article in The Independent by Jonathan Brown takes a slightly lighthearted look at the pros and cons of shedworking (though it does address some serious homeworking issues). Some nice early words about Shedworking: The Alternative Workplace Revolution from The Bookseller magazine which includes it as one of 13 books highlighted in their Homes, Interiors and Gardens preview for 2010. It sounds like a lot of hard work (it IS a lot of hard work) but that's exactly what Kate Pokorny is attempting to do.
Shedworking: The Alternative Workplace Revolution will be published by Frances Lincoln in early June 2010. The idea of working on water is really starting to hot up, as evidenced by the interest in MetroShip and H2Offices.
Supplying a huge choice of envelopes, labels and a whole lot more to shedworkers everywhere!

Above is a 16m² garden office designed for three workstations, with Velux roof windows, and full height French doors and two casement windows.
The one above is in Wandsworth, London, clad with Swedish Thermowood and features a garden shed section at one end plus a bathroom. Here's what Paul Teed from the paper writes: As his wife Lacy was walking to work at 5am last Thursday she spotted three thieves stealing lead from his garden office. Here's how it works inside: The crew capsule is mounted inside a three-axis gymbal, and the heavy mechanical systems and batteries are mounted below the center of gravity, causing it to ?oat upright in any orientation. Here's an excerpt: Perhaps unsurprisingly in this era of the ever more pressurised workplace, the prospect of plying one's trade from the comfort of one's own abode has become one of the great desires of the modern worker. Here's what they say:You're unlikely to find pots and compost in these sheds, but for home-workers looking for a superior quality of life and dreaming of an ideal working space, these sheds are something to drool over.
Here's Jruiter's Pontoon Boat, not specifically aimed at the mobile shedworker but nevertheless providing a stylish shedlike atmosphere if you like to float and work at the same time.
Shedworking missed out on the main awards but we were presented with a rather nice In The Shed sign by Emma Jones of EN for our services towards posting so frequently. Most interestingly, all the wall panels are interchangeable so you can keep fiddling with the layout.
Visitors who mention Shedworking will get the Climate Pack (radiator and heat recovery unit) FREE if they order before March 31 2010.
The gymbal system is equipped with two low-speed high-torque electric motors, intended for repositioning the on-site or for short-distance travel. Like eating five portions of fresh fruit a day or cutting back on alcohol units, many of us are convinced it will make us happy and healthy.I too shared that dream.

Office Bus is the brainchild of four students from the Universitat fur angewandte Kunst Wien - Johanna Rudisser, Johanna Oberneder, Joachim Kornauth and Manuel Froschl - who aimed to both lower pollution levels due to commuting and eradicate the waste of work time it also involves (260,000 commuters navigate Greater Vienna each workday with an average journey time of 48 minutes). Here's what she says: "I started crocheting a lot, and was making many small domes when I realized that the same form could be made much larger into a crocheted yurt. It features full 140mm thick insulated wall blocks (190mm with plasterboard and cladding), standard triple glazing with laminated timber frame windows, 1.2 U-value, maintenance-free galvinised steel Plannja roof, front canopy with key-fob operated lighting and Thermowood cladding. She ran back to get me but by the time I got there they had got away, not before they had stripped half of it off though. But the reality of the past 18 months working alone from the sanctuary of my garden office, a space carved lovingly and at some cost out of an unused section of our garage, has steadily disabused me of the notion that this is some quick fix to personal nirvana.
Historically, Mongolian nomads made felt for their yurts via a labor intensive process that still required an internal structure at the end of the day. Made with cardboard it can be opened and closed like a book so that your mobile workstation, desk, and chair simply pop up (and pop down).
Well worth a browse.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Thursday posts are sponsored by Vivid Green, the low energy garden building specialists.
Order it direct from Frances Lincoln------------------------------------------------------------------------Tuesdays posts are sponsored by The Home Office Company, manufacturers of unique garden rooms since 1998. Maximum glazing to south and west elevations, minimum glazing to north and east elevations.

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