When it comes to online success, you will have a massive competitive advantage by having your own domain name.
There are many places offering websites for free, so I am going to outline the requirements for building your own site, and will also include information helpful to newbies wanting to go the free route. There are numerous other platforms where you can sign up for free and write anything you like. Paid domains are highly desirable when it comes to branding your site, and they also make it far easier for people to remember the URL address.
You can build a website on your computer, but once built how can the world get access to view it? For now, we’ll just stick to the standard option, which is the basic and most popular method. All you have to do is find the one that suits your needs and budget, then sign up with them and pay for the service, which can be as small as a years hosting up to 5 years or more!
Once you’ve got your hosting organized, they will give you details of their servers where your site will reside (activation usually takes anything up to 24 hours).
Site navigation – The navigation layout will affect the information architecture of the site. Start by creating the main pages that will be used in the menu, such as Home, Blog, About and Privacy Policy pages. As you progress and become more familiar with your writing platform, you’ll want to investigate all that it has to offer in the way of plugins, tools, widgets and more. Basics of Design – Understand the elements of good design and how to implement it on websites. Learn CSS – CSS (Cascade Style Sheet) is the language responsible for the look of your site. Code Editors – Finding a good code editor will help you learn about the structure of both HTML and CSS. In no time at all, you will have discovered how to build your website online, and now it’s just a matter of getting traffic to visit you! About the Author Latest PostsAbout RobHaving been an affiliate marketer since 2006, I want to pass on my experience to enable you to build a successful online business yourself.
When I started to look into themes for my site I came across Genesis as being the all-round superstar. Awesome info and thanks for sharing this with everyone ?? There are a few ways to build websites online but I find your recommendation the best way. Rob, I love your site and the easy way you offer step by step instructions on building a website. My reviews and recommendations are aimed at all levels of internet experience, especially newbies.
Want to have the best flexibility when it comes to responsive Wordpress themes, then create with Genesis.

First thing’s first though: You want to choose a web hosting service that has a good reputation.
For all intents and purposes, we will be using the free software platform called WordPress.
Once you’ve selected the web host that best suits your needs, you’ll have to choose a unique domain name that relates to the overall idea of your website.
While there aren’t any specific rules when it comes to choosing a domain name, there are some things you will want to keep in mind. You will want to keep in mind that there are millions of websites on the internet, so there are chances that you will not be the only person to come up with that perfect domain name. Of course, if the name has been used already, you can usually tweak the name by adding a word or two.
If you look to the left, that box is where you will enter your domain name and choose the appropriate extension. Side Note: If you’re desired name is already in use by someone else, you will get an error message.
When you have a domain name that you like (and is available), you will see a sign up form like the one pictured below. Now is the time you get your hands dirty (figuratively speaking of course) and begin creating that amazing website of yours. You’ll want to go to the GreenGeeks account manager page, which is also found in the email the company sent you earlier. You’ll just want to enter your login information that you received in your email and click log in. This will open up a new window and in the sidebar on the left, you will find a column called “Blogs”. Once you’ve followed those three simple steps, you’ll be given some information about your database (you don’t really have to worry about that for the time being).
WordPress gives you the ability to create two unique types of webpages: the post and the page. As a tip from me to you, if you are going to use the post option, you will want to put a high resolution, good quality picture at the beginning of your post. BUT you can also use regular pages and have links to them from your homepage (this is the page your visitors will see when they first come to your site).
However, not everyone needs to have their own site, so they can opt for a free one which would be hosted on a third party server. Once active, you are ready to access them via an FTP program (FileZilla) or through cPanel (available from your host).
Once you have the skeleton of the site ready, you can move on to writing posts or even more pages. Knowing a bit of CSS will allow you to tweak any part of your site to make it unique to you.

I like to remind people that relying on free themes is not always a good idea, as they nearly always lack the functionality of paid ones. The smart way to go about building one in under 30 seconds and for FREE is definitely within Wealthy Affiliate.
Building a website is not always straight forward, so I hope this demystifies the tasks involved a little! After all, if someone can make a fan page that professes their love for Star Wars, you should be able to do the same, right? Here, you’ll find everything you need to help you get started on creating that online shrine to Darth Vader.
Don’t worry, because we will also help you find the best hosting deals as we go through the tutorial. You should also know that the domain URL serves as a guide to where your site is located (hosted). Then you will want to hit the “Next” button (if you have a domain name, enter that name on the right side).
If that happens, you can try different variations of the name until you find one that you like and is available. This email usually comes through pretty quickly, but sometimes it can take a few hours to get to you.
Since we are using WordPress, you don’t have to worry about how proficient you are (or aren’t) in programming or graphic design.
Either option is a suitable choice; however, if you plan on creating a blog, you will want to get comfortable with posts. Whether you want to add a visitor counter, an image slide show, or anything else to your website, you can bet that you will be able to find a free plugin for it. Looking back now – Joining Wealthy Affiliate was the best online decision I ever made. Be sure to pick a name that is easy to remember and gives your intended viewer a better idea of what the site is about. WordPress is a free CMS (content management system) platform that allows you to create beautiful websites that are clean and simple to navigate.
If you follow our simple tutorial on how to create a website, you’ll have that website up in no time! The host gives you so much space on its servers to accommodate the content that is on your site.

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