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When I decided to make a jewelry box as a birthday gift for my daughter, my goal was to make it as distinctive as possible. Shaping the curved lid for this project may seem like a daunting task but I was surprised at how easy it turned out to be. Hinge Assembly Cutting dadoes for the hinges can be done after the box is assembled or as a final step.
The box joint, also called a finger joint, is an aesthetically pleasing form of joinery that turns a simple box into a beautiful piece of woodworking. Box Joint Jig - plans for building a shop made jig are available online (Google search) or one can be purchased ready made. This is an often debated issue, especially since the shape of the dovetail provides a locking mechanism should the glue fail.
So what did you do with the little square leftover from routing all the inside edges for the hardboard? I have a neat pack of Instructables to talk about, today on my Blog, and your's one of them!
I really appreciate the kind words from someone with your years of experience in woodworking. There were big gaps in my woodworking experience since the soap box racer I built when I was 10. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. An exclusive collection of stunning high quality anodized aluminum home decor from Israel's top modern designers.
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The Israel Museum produces authentic replicas and adaptations of their internationally-acclaimed artifact collection. Free Shipping is available on all of Cleverwood's Jewelry Boxes to all continental US addresses. Photo 1- To cut grooves in the box sides for the top and bottom, set up on the router table with fence and stops as shown.
Photo 2- Push the part along the fence until it hits the opposite stop, then lift the part away from the bit, again, with your fingers away from the bit. So, since I always enjoy learning a new woodworking technique, I decided to teach myself how to create box joints. While similar to the more elegant dovetail joint, box joints are more easily fabricated and actually provide a joint of superior strength. I just used wood filler (which I really don't like very much) and sanded down with a high grit paper. I'm sure the special lady in your life appreciates all the time and effort that went into the jewelry box you made for her. I have been making jewelry boxes for many years, but I must confess I have not tried a box-jointed one.
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The technique used to create them, as presented in this instructable, is straightforward and relatively easy to master. I've been looking for something I could adapt to house my pipes and tobacco and this is it. Just started to learn a week ago, made a decent jig for my table mounted router from plans in Wood magazine. Consider one of our fabulous candy-stuffed mishloach manot baskets to treat your family this Purim!
It gives you a lot of options for choosing a unique or exotic wood at a much more reasonable cost. Also made a jig for the table saw, but it is no match for the one you made - yours is beautiful. Making parts with the right geometry so that the shelf and lid work properly is really not that hard.

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