Designed to fit anywhere; our table folds flat and out of the way when not in use for easy storage.
Our convenient cordless lamp has 16 bright LEDs for ultra-clear vision of colors and details.
I paid for this because I have 7 cats and had to stop doing puzzles which I love to do because there were always pieces missing.
You find people doing jigsaws in the most improbable places - the spare room, the garage, the bedroom (surprisingly often), the office, the kitchen and even the bathroom. If that were not bad enough you can be assured there won't be any suitable surfaces either - they will be too high, too low, too slippery, too rough, too unstable or too wet! There are only two adjustments to make to the jigsaw table but they will result in an enormous difference to your enjoyment of a puzzle. Firstly you alter the height of the table surface with the aid of two small 'clips' on the legs of the table - people usually find the most relaxing position is to have the table clear the top of their knees by just an inch or two. Secondly you change the tilt of the table surface so that you can comfortably reach the extremities of the puzzle - an easy-turn knob beneath the table then locks everything in place.
Once you have tried puzzling from this wonderfully comfortable position you will understand why you never see an artist painting on a flat desk! Sometimes puzzle enthusiasts have a favorite table on which they have traditionally constructed jigsaw puzzles and they may wish to continue doing so.
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Click here to claim your free puzzle today!The Fold-And-Go® Wooden Jigsaw Table is a pine wood table exclusively designed by Bits And Pieces. Click here to claim your free puzzle today!Our original puzzle table lets you set up puzzle fun anywhere. Easy to place anywhere, and has a fully adjustable goose neck that allows for maximum versatility for puzzling or any craft project.
It has a rim that keeps pieces on board while working and is big enough for multiple people to work at once.
Our puzzle tables are fully adjustable to allow you to find the most comfortable and relaxing position - the height of the working surface can be changed as can the angle of tilt.
Add to that the fact that the temperature in the room probably won't be what you would like and the gentle hobby of jigsaw puzzling can rapidly develop into a health risk. Almost certainly it is so they can be 'out of the way' and 'not be a nuisance to everyone else'.
Our jigsaw puzzle tables take up little space in your favorite room and when not being used for jigsaws they can be used for any number of other hobbies and everyday things like eating, reading and writing. J'accepte egalement de recevoir des e-mails de la part de Shutterstock, sachant que je peux m'en desabonner a tout moment. Toute personne qui s'inscrit a acces a l'integralite de notre catalogue, y compris aux collections choisies.
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Une fois que vous avez telecharge votre image, vous avez le droit de l'utiliser a vie suivant les conditions de la licence que vous avez achetee. Non-slip felt makes this puzzle table the perfect hobby surface for putting together your jigsaw puzzles with comfort and ease.

This is a big plus for my family that likes to visit while they puzzle.It folds easily and was quickly up and down.
On our Jigsaw Puzzle Table page you can read how the tables are adaptable for other uses but read on to see how to use them as jigsaw tables. You can understand the reasoning because without a little organization a puzzle can quickly take over a room leaving little space for anything else. When the table is pulled towards you over the arms of your favorite chair you can sit back and build your puzzle to your heart's content without fear of backache, muscular pain or being in the way of anyone else. Our puzzle table can be used in conjunction with any of our Jigboards from 500 pieces (Jigboard 500) to 2,000 pieces (Jigboard 2000).  Please note that if you use the table with either of the larger boards (Jigboard 1500 or Jigboard 2000) and you have short arms then you might have to stretch to reach the top of the board! This product is used on a conventional flat-topped table and allows jigsaws to be angled towards you thereby making it unbelievably more comfortable.
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Table top measures 26" x 34".This item is not available for Express Shipping and is excluded from all Express Shipping promotions.
These side panels can lay flat for family-style puzzling or angle upwards to make it easier to reach your loose pieces.
A unique magnetic bar is included to hold your puzzle box in place for easy picture reference.

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