Crossing the HogAlaskan Moose, 34" x 28" Oil on CanvasThis scene is taken from a moose hunt on the Hogatza (Hog) River in Alaska. With the day heating up, and the wildlife headed for cover, we decided to call it for the time being and head in. If you’re interested in this kind of opportunity for some Hill Country exotics hunting, I think you could do much worse than giving Blaise a call. The Norwegians have concluded, following sustained lobbying from the Norway Hunters’ Association (Jegernes Interesseorganisasjon), that there is no evidence of any real harm from the use of lead in shotgun cartridges and they believe that none of the alternatives to lead ammunition are as effective. The Norway Hunters’ Association summed up the key facts for a repeal effectively – the amount of lead discharged throughout the countryside has a negligible impact on the environment, in comparison to both the potential welfare implications of using alternatives and the unknown environmental implications of those alternatives.
Personally, I think most of the risks are miniscule and overstated, but it should give folks pause in the blind, headlong rush to ban lead ammo and give some serious thought to what we’re replacing it with. I did notice that a lot of the young bucks that usually come to the feeder have shed already (except one little spike who is currently a unicorn), but this guy was still sporting full headgear just a couple of weeks ago.
I’ll be checking the juniper thickets over the next couple of weeks, in hopes of picking these guys antlers up before the mice get them.

That hardly seems to be the norm lately, as my last several winter trips back to NC were more suited to long t-shirts or maybe an occasional pull-over.  You might see a day or so of cold snap, but then things turn mild again right away.
Later, after the ride, I was doing a little miscellanea around the barn and went up to check the game cameras.  Look who was here! I’ve lived enough of my life in the rural outback to know how country folks look at city people. Well, I guess it’s time to update this bio just a touch since I’ve now evacuated California and made a new home down in the Texas Hill Country (the southern part, not the fancy part). Here at Taylors Garden Buildings we have hand select and broken down the log cabins by thickness just to make your experience on our site simple and easy.
In this category we have hand select a brilliant range of log cabins which are Up to 40mm Thick.
The Alpina Log Cabin measuring 4x3m (13'1 x 9'8) is built using 34mm logs, ideal for use as a garden office. The Alpina Log Cabin measuring 5x4m (16'4 x 13'1) built using 34mm logs and ideal for providing additional family living space.

The Brighton log cabin measuring 3x3m (9'8 x 9'8) is built using 34mm logs, ideal for office use. The Brighton 34mm log cabin measuring 4x3m (13'1 x 9'8) provides the perfect additional living space to both relax and entertain in. We hadn't seen a single moose that day and were admiring a pair of large moose sheds my buddy Ed had just found when I looked across the river and saw this scene. The arguments about alternatives to lead shot are well rehearsed (read more about alternatives in our own Case for Lead here), but the simple fact is that it is vital we meet our responsibility to kill wild game in the most humane and effective way. I could just picture a large bull crossing the river here, so I snapped some quick photos for reference.

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