Some of the storage options I’ve seen use a nylon strap to gently cradle the kayak, since the strap can conform to the contour of the hull.
Run a bolt through the outboard hole in one piece, through your “bushing” (consisting of the dowel piece and the PVC) and finally through a 2nd bracket piece. Once you’ve built your brackets, just build a simple 2×4 frame as shown by the photos.
On my two boat rack, I put a board across the top where I’ll put some hooks to hang my life jackets, etc. If I had to do it over again, I’d make the total width small enough to fit in a pickup between the wheel wells. JD, I found plenty of straps at Walmart, in the automotive section (towing straps) and the camping section (for carrying gear), but nothing that I liked.
The pipe wrap is an interesting idea, and I use some on the upright supports in case the boat leans against them.
Very awesome rack design, this REALLY clears up the floor space in my garage during kayak season. The bushing makes it so that the strap cradle touches the boat, since the bolt is recessed a bit.
Can you build me a three-tiered one and how much and how much would it cost to ship if you can Thank You looks like a great design!
There is not a better constructed and more skillfully crafted storage rack than the ones crafted by Log Kayak Rack. No matter what is between you and the water we can create a custom designed storage system for it. If you’re into watersports, chances are you know the importance of and need for proper storage. Our kayak and canoe racks are constructed out of quality Northern White Cedar Wood, known to last beautifully for up to 25 years, even when unfinished.
Can Support the Weight of even the Heaviest Kayaks, Canoes, Paddle Boards and Small Boats – OVER 100 Lbs. If our standard selection isn’t exactly what you need, we offer custom built storage racks.

When you invest in a heavy duty storage rack, you’re investing in a hobby you treasure, time you enjoy and the performance and longevity of your kayak, canoe and paddle board itself.
Cabin Life, June 2015"The Most Attractive Option For Boat Storage."Click to read the article. UPS SurePost: This is our free shipping option and is a partnership where UPS carries your package & then passes it to the US Postal Service for final delivery. Holds up to 6 kayaksHeavy duty 1.25" powder coated steel construction8 independent adjustable frame levelers4 sets of padded J-style holders2 set of lower frame kayak blocksStainless steel hardware500lb.
Malone 6-Kayak Free Standing Kayak Rack - If your kayak collection is expanding then look no further than the 6 Kayak FS Kayak Rack from Malone to keep you organized.
If this item is out of stock, please order it online and we will ship it to you immediately upon arrival. FREE Shipping on every order over $49 to anywhere in the continental USA (via economy ground)! Shipped via motor freight (18-wheeler), delivered to your house or business address in the continental US. Not only will you love your new gear from Outdoorplay (see our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee), but we guarantee every product we sell to be free of defects in materials and workmanship. We know that making an investment in your gear involves a number of decisions, including evaluating the best price.
If you find a lower price on an identical product from one of our competitors, you're covered under our Price Match Guarantee. Take these stands anywhere - it is great for washing and rigging your boat or a portable storage rack! I’m going to build these brackets in the next few weeks, much more fun than just buying something to store my kayaks!
Log Kayak Rack provides a selection of heavy duty kayak, canoe and stand up paddle board (SUP) storage racks that are handcrafted out of northern white cedar logs. Selecting from our variety of convenient rack combinations or contacting us for a custom designed storage system will save you time, difficulty and allow to enjoy your aquatic hobby, instead of dealing with troubles associated with improper storage or care.
Maybe you want a back to back double rack, single sided triple rack or you have limited space to work with and need an H-shaped rack, T-shaped rack, A-frame or a lean-to rack.

Be more at ease on and off the water when you’re kayaking, canoeing and stand up paddle boarding by investing in Log Kayak Rack’s enduring cedar storage racks.
This free standing design will hold up to 6 kayaks and is made of heavy duty 1.25" square tube steel construction. We feel that the prices you see listed on our website are among the most competitive you will find from an authorized dealer for the brands we carry.
We’ll match their price, which means you can enjoy shopping with Outdoorplay and not worry that you’d be getting a better deal elsewhere!
A couple of coats of decking stain make them look very professional and give a tough finish. Our durable storage systems are weather resistant, which allow them to be utilized both indoors and outdoors. Whether you have two or three kayaks, four canoes and a couple of paddle boats; our racks can securely accommodate a variety of boat collections. Our skilled woodworking professionals can construct even the most artistic racks that will allow for both function and beauty.
Fill out the return form on the back of the invoice you received and send it with the product.
Though no one who loves being on the water wants to put their equipment away, our storage racks can add organization, keep your property looking clean, your equipment lasting longer and allow you to quickly get back out on the water, where you truly want to spend your time. We offer standing racks, wall mounted racks and our racks can be moved from location to location, bolted down to a dock or anchored to the ground. We can also customize racks to hold row boats, paddle boats and any other small boat you have in mind.
Easy to assemble and built to last, the Malone 6 Kayak FS Kayak Rack keeps you organized and your kayaks off the ground.

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