This robust shed features a steel reinforced structure for enhanced stability, plus a heavy duty floor which is designed to support ride-on mowers and other heavy items whilst deterring rain and unwanted pests. The superior look and feel of the shed is enhanced by the 3D tile effect roof with rafter beam structure for added strength and performance, plus a full length skylight, side window and built in ventilation panels for increased natural light and airflow. Please note that we are only able to deliver to the UK mainland, excluding Post Office boxes and BFPO. Please pack your parcel up securely, preferably using its original packaging, but removing the delivery label. Large taupe resin shed with a huge storage capacity of 528 cubic feet and wide-opening, lockable double doors for easy access (lock not included).
I purchased this 8X11 shed mid Jan 2014 and at that time there were some issues with the product description which Screwfix have corrected apart from the fact it says no shelf when in fact 2 are supplied.
Excellent size of hut but roof was a bit more involved and more difficult to assemble than it appears. You MUST have a flat and level plot for the base otherwise you will have major problems squaring all the panels and joints up without sweating!!
It appears quite robust when all put together but after the storms in January 2012 I am investing in ground anchors and strengthening brackets which I will fit internally to ensure it remains stable and does not distort or move. I recommend this shed if you have lots of large items to store but I have also invested in free standing plastic shelving rather than attempting to hang or fix shelving internally. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. This spacious 11 x 8ft keter plastic garden shed is ideal for storing and protecting all of your garden equipment from the elements. The Keter Woodland Mini Store has an automatic opening mechanism giving easy access to it's contents, and can be locked to keep its contents secure.

This Keter 6 x 4ft Apex Shed is a stable and excellent option for storing your garden items.
Taupe resin storage building with wide-opening, lockable double doors for easy access (lock not included).
Polypropylene garden Apex Shed for garden furniture lawn mowers BBQ equipment and other outdoor items. Ia€™d have to say that when I popped open the box to put the shed together, I thought that it would be harder than it is, but ita€™s not all that hard. It utilises an innovative resin talc compound (RTC) which combines a traditional wood-effect finish with the added feature of being the first plastic shed that can be painted with traditional paints enabling you to create a tonal feature in your outdoor space. The wide double entry door provides for easy access and has a stainless steel internal locking mechanism for added security and peace of mind. The UV-stabilised fade resistant rib-reinforced, talc fortified wall panels are easy to assemble and provide increased strength and rigidity. Our carrier will contact you via phone, text or email within 3 business days from confirmation of your order to arrange delivery.
Also the roof apex is made of a white opaque plastic which does add extra light over and above the one window.
There was an issue with 1 part being broken and Keter offered to ship it free to me on next day delivery but as it was Friday that would be Monday and as I needed it for that weekend they arranged for me to pick the part up at the Birmingham office (fantastic support from the Keter customer support team in Birmingham). Or you can purchase the brackets by themselves for $8.00 each and make your own shelf out of wood.
An ETA will be provided by email.FreepostIs for UK mainland subject to Area 1 only as per Royal Mail area policy. The shed its self is excellent quality and was very easy to put up, two people are needed once you get to the roof level and also it does help when building the sides but not 100% necessary.

Any customers living in area 2,3,Europe or worldwide will be subject of additional postage charges. If you are looking for the instruction to have a look before you buy please note that on the Keter web site the shed is called a FACTOR 8x11 as APEX is the old name for the Shed. Once you confirm which youa??d like we can send over a PayPal invoice, once invoice is paid your parts will ship out within 3-4 day. Not because it really takes that many hands, but because ita€™s so big, youa€™re going to need someone to hold it until you get it so that it can stand on its own.When I was looking at sheds, I went all out and researched and looked over many shed and settled on this one. I really liked the durability of the Rubbermaid sheds, but I wasn't so much a fan of the look. Still, we liked the fact that it was plastic because wea€™ve had metal sheds before and they always turn ugly in the course of a year. We just use this shed to put normal yard equipment in and I love the fact that it has shelves inside to put things on. I always hate sheds that dona€™t have shelves because youa€™re leaving so much room on the walls to put things and if you do put up your own make-shift shelves, they never look that great. This one not only looks great, but holds up to anything you put on it.Havena€™t had any problems with the shed so far and it still looks great. Not that hard.I have to tell you that if there any secrets to shed building, ita€™s not to take it quick. Youa€™re not going to be able to throw it together in one sitting and if you do, youa€™ll wish that you would have taken your time.

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