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Rattan looks great anywhere, and especially in gardens, and this large and useful storage box is crafted using the best rattan look and materials. You get the same excellent UV material in the flooring too, so you have an all-round toughness that will keep it’s looks throughout the year too.
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You also get a box that is UV resistant, as well as spacious enough for all your garden needs.
This means that you have a box that is not only able to protect itself from the rays of the sun (which can cause fading and cracking) but also the interior, and your possessions. Plenty to like here, but the durability of the construction itself is what makes it a ‘full marks’ job. It is a very useful box, and the fact that it has real durability in it means that you have a great and long term purchase too.

Some boxes become a little smaller as they open up due to materials that are used, but that is not the case here. This is a very tough box, and we were pleased to see such a durable material being used in it’s construction.

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