Virtually maintenance-free thanks to the durable weather-resistant build, which includes UV protection, making it a perfect fit for the outdoors. Fits all Infinity storage buildings Metal-reinforced for added security Alternative storage option for typically wasted space Easy to install Shelf has a 99 lb.
This shed is only in your garden design, and be blended into the overall quality of your garden. Cost, functionality, and performance (strength is another) to include high-performance products.

Sorry, became large products Sales response to Okinawa and Islands region will be contacted. Use the Bellevue as a garden shed, workshop or a cubby for the kids - the elegant traditional style of this shed will appeal to even the most discerning home owner. The Boston Base Compact Shed is a highly durable shed with a fully weather-resistant build that makes it delightfully low maintenance. Keter's product range reaches a consumer base across the world, focusing on outdoor furniture and storage with a commitment to the environment.

It also has a stylish design and comes with one adjustable shelf that can handle up to 55 lbs.

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