I bought some pieces from your store some years ago and I’d like to have them refinished. Well-known as a medium-density wood suitable for fine indoor furniture, as well as for outdoor garden furniture, boat building and flooring, teak wood is very durable and resistant to decay and termites. Known as Trembesi or Suar in Indonesia, the rain tree wood has an attractive grain suitable for fine furniture. Known as Sonokeling in Indonesia, Dalbergia Latifolia is a premium quality timber species used for furniture, paneling, and other ornamental products. Known as Asem in Indonesia, it is native to Africa, but is now found in most tropical Asia. Outdoor ambiance is something that enhances the beauty of your home and adds to the curb value of your property. Adding good quality furniture is most essential even before you construct an outdoor kitchen or a spa.
Here is a number of furniture ideas that you can find to be useful around your outdoor areas from Victorian Trading Co. The teak wood that we use is sourced from the Indonesian Forestry Agency (PERHUTANI), a state agency that manages sustainable teak plantations in Indonesia, as well as from government-approved village plantations.

It has a reddish-brown color, which darkens over time, and displays a reddish sheen when polished. There are many ways you can make your outdoor look very pretty – like special landscaping, adding a pool to it, making a beautiful garden with all indigenous flowering plants and shrubs, adding arbors, and sheds to it and getting good beautiful furniture for your outdoors. Even if you do not have a pool, pergola, garden or special landscaping features into it, you can still enjoy the outdoor weather with just one or two trees in your back or front yard and you have a comfy seat under it with a favorite book and a tall cool frosted glass by your side.
Although not fully adjustable, this table has such a nice form, you can turn it around to the side that best suits you.
Enjoy the beauty of truly unique furniture and decorations built from natural resources and reused antique materials.
Its unusual golden yellow color, as well as its resistance to termites and fungi, makes it an appealing alternative to teak wood. The heartwood is of a beautiful dark red color, while other parts of the timber is light yellow, often with brownish or grayish streaks.
If you are having larger size outdoors, the kitchen can be adjacent to the pool deck so that you need not be far away from the source of food when you are having a good time at the swimming pool. Historically, the tree’s girth allowed for wide boards from traditional mahogany species.

Anyone who values distinction and wants no part of “cookie cutter” mass produced furniture will thrill to the beauty of a piece made by a woodworking artist using the same tools and techniques used thousands of years ago. A variety of metal chairs and seats are available that are favourites for outdoor use as they are sturdy and look very pretty. Both Swietenia mahagoni, and Swietenia macrophylla were introduced into several Asian countries at the time of the restrictions imposed on American mahogany in the late 1990s and both are now successfully grown and harvested in plantations in those countries.
The world’s supply of genuine mahogany today comes from these Asian plantations, notably from India, Fiji, Bangladesh, and Indonesia. Just as Michelangelo sculpted marble, a woodworking artist can take a piece of wood and create a work of art…a thing of breathtaking beauty.

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