For over 33 years Jokari has been creating unique and inventive kitchen gadgets, home gadgets and storage systems designed with your needs in mind. Our product range includes Solution Gadgets for in and around the home wih simple and intelligent products, specialising in bathroom and kitchen gadgets.
Jokari prides itself on combining the latest technologies with current designer trends to bring you quality and affordable gadgets, home storage ideas and homewares of both form and function. We’ve now grown to more than 100 stores across America, with a website and catalog viewed by millions of people each year and a highly regarded cooking class program. Our first store was small and without frills, and the shelves were stacked high with unique and hard-to-find kitchenware from around the world.

An extension of our in-store experience, our website offers the best possible opportunity for customers who want to research products, shop or find helpful advice and inspiration to feel rewarded the next time they’re in the kitchen.
Conveniently store and dispense baking ingredients in Bag Sugar or Flour Storage Container and Dispenser.
Jokari's Storage and Organisation products give you clever storage system solutions and storage ideas, which are easy to install and fit into your home.
It was a place where serious cooks found a surprising selection of culinary tools from around the world, with helpful, knowledgeable employees who loved cooking, too. But some things haven’t changed: we’re still the place for an unsurpassed selection of exclusive and premium-quality goods for the kitchen and table.

From helpful, knowledgeable staff and in-store cooking classes to the products we source, we help every customer feel inspired to create memorable meals. With instructional kitchens in more than 50 locations, ours is the largest avocational cooking school in the United States.

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