Grey DeLisle, who also voiced Padme Amidala, Asajj Ventress and Shaak Ti in the Star Wars: Clone Wars cartoon, and even she played the red twi'lek girl called Alora in the Jedi Academy game. The Echani had silver-white hair and silver eyes, and had better natural reflexes than other Humans. Echani Generals were often seen by others as having a "special ability" to predict their opponents next move. Brianna Yusanis was the daughter of Echani politician and master combatant General Yusanis and Jedi Master Arren Kae and was born as a result of a forbidden relationship between the two.
Sometime after Yusanis's death, Brianna and her five half-sisters were entered the service of Jedi Master Atris, one of the few Masters who survived the Jedi Civil War.
When Atris later learned that Peragus asteroid mines (Telos' main source of fuel) had been destroyed, and that the Telos Security Force was holding suspects, she sent Brianna to investigate.
Brianna snuck onto Citadel Station and stole the Ebon Hawk, as well as T3-M4 astromech droid, who was just working onboard, and brought the ship to the secret polar academy.
Brianna didn't trust the Exile at first, but through acts of kindness and charity during their journey, Brianna finally believed that Atris had been wrong in her judgments.
During their travels, Brianna agreed to teach the Exile Echani fighting techniques, this is how male characters can learn a special feat from the Handmaiden allowing them to add their Wisdom bonus to their defence. She believed that combat was one of the purest ways of expressing and that a person's fighting style accurately displayed what kind of person they were, and noone can hide the anilam insticts while fighting (which is pretty true from a point of view).
During their trainings the Exile had to spar with the Handmaiden without clothes because of the Echani traditions, since she thought that bulkier clothes would be less practical.
The Exile decided to leave the choice to Brianna, and offered to train her to use the Force. After your Exile passed on his knowledge of the Force to Brianna, and trained her to become a Jedi Guardian, it broke her oath to Atris. Brianna was skilled in the use of Battle Precognition, which allowed her to perceive her opponents' intentions an instant before they acted giving her an edge in combat.
Brianna could also fight effectively unarmed due to her proficiency in Echani, but if you listen to me, and train her a strong soldier, you can dress her into thick and strong armors, which will provide extra defence for Handmaiden, she won't be able to use Force powers, but you won't need them anyway, she will wield two lightsabers in melee attacks perfectly.
After Kreia had arrived back to the spaceport, Brianna, believing the Exile to be dead, took Kreia directly to Atris, knowing that her mistress would execute any Sith. Additionally, Kreia announced her title as Darth Traya, and infected the brain of Atris, caused her to finally give in to the Dark Side.
Kreia, shortly before her death on Malachor V at the hands of the Exile, looked into the future, and according to her final predictions Brianna would give up her ways of battle, and would play a vital role in rebuilding the Jedi Order, taking Atris' role as Jedi historian and teaching future padawans.
Hanharr is a male Wookiee in the KotOR 2 Sith Lords, and can play different roles within the game, depending on the alignment of the player character. In reality, Hanharr was a dishonorable slaver who skirted the razor's edge of insanity by his anger and the pain of his past. On Nar Shaddaa, if the Jedi Exile follows the way of the dark side, Mira is captured by Visquis, an overseer for the criminal gang called The Exchange, and Visquis allows Hanharr to kill her in the arena of Jekk'Jekk Tarr. Playing as a light-side Jedi, the gamer controls Mira instead, and defeats Hanharr, who, yet again, seriously injured, but survives somehow. The murky brown haired Wookiee, Hanharr is extremely strong, especially if we use his special ability, his rage, he will be one of the most useful team members as a melee combatant. The Last Handmaiden, or just Handmaiden, was a half-Echani fighter who was the daughter of the Echani General Yusanis and Jedi Master Arren Kae, who both fought in the Mandalorian Wars.
They held a long-standing rivalry with the Mandalorians, with whom they shared many similarities. Echani were equipped with melee weapons, and personal energy shields but those felt out of general use soon, since the Echani eschewed the use of armor, preferring to fight in minimal clothing. Both of Brianna's parents risked their status with their connection, since Yusanis was already married with five daughters and Kae breaking the Jedi rules against attachment. Atris hoped to revive the Jedi Order after most of the other Jedi were killed by the Sith, and established a secret academy on Telos IV.
Her father's infidelity had brought shame on himself, and after his death at the hands of Revan that shame was thrust upon her, as the Echani believed that betrayal and shame were passed down through bloodlines. Atris was unaware that the new owner of the ship was a former friend, the Jedi Exile, another hero of the Mandalorian Wars who was exiled for his defiance of the Jedi Council. The Exile agreed so as to avoid a conflict, and Handmaiden escorted the Exile in front of Atris.
Brianna was wary of the Exile at first, but began to speak more freely when the Exile managed to convince her that, contrary to Atris opinion, he had not turned to the Dark Side during the Mandalorian Wars. The closer Brianna get to the Exile, the more she clashed with Visas Marr, not trusting her due to Visas' Sith past, but after some convincing from the Exile, accepted her presence, although she still kept an eye on the pretty Miraluka girl.
Each time learning more about each other and became closer, to the point that both Atton and Kreia would notice and comment on it. By this point, Brianna greatly trusted the Exile, and realized that she had hoped to follow her mother's path her entire life, and accepted the offer. Quickly, Kreia sent a message to Atris through the Force telling her Brianna became a Jedi with a single word: "Betrayal".
She has little INT and WIS points, but has 14 strength, 16 dexterity, 14 constitution, so you might want to train her a strong soldier rather than a weak force user. She recognized the Exile's potential with Precognition as well and taught him to use the ability as well.
So Brianna continued to aid the Exile, who eventually succeeded in gathering the Jedi Masters on Dantooine.

So the last of the Handmaidens became the last living Handmaiden, so Brianna had modified her title as the Last Handmaiden from this point. Though Brianna was stronger than before, the corrupted Jedi Master eventually overwhelmed her. The Exile learned that Kreia has returned to the Trayus Academy on Malachor V, intending to create a Wound in the Force in order to carry out her ultimate goal of destroying the Force itself. There will be a guy in the Cantina of the Entertainment District" who wants a new female dancer for Vogga the Hutt. Dark side-aligned players are joined by Hanharr, though he appears in cutscenes and in gameplay as an antagonist if the player is light side-aligned.
Originally from the Wookiee homeworld of Kashyyyk, living in the canopies with other Wookiees, he began to take an interest in the Shadowlands, the ground level of Kashyyyk, at an early age and spent much time there moving freely and killing at will. One of these will join the party of the Jedi Exile, as is determined by the personality of the player character. Previously, Hanharr had been employed to hunt Mira, and had trapped her in a series of sewers, where he planned to ambush her. The player is given control of Hanharr, and Mira is easily killed by the towering, strong wookie.
So before introducing Handmaiden it may be useful to get know the Echani race, it will help to understand Handmaiden herself. Their fighting style focused more on agility and movement, and so anything that hampered their freedom of movement would be avoided. Despite Kae's attempts to keep the affair and Brianna's existence in secret, the Jedi Council eventually found out about the affair, and Kae was exiled from the Jedi Order as a punishment. The sisters joined her in the academy and agreed to serve as her handmaidens, aiding Atris in gathering Jedi artifacts from around the galaxy. Despite Brianna working hard to disprove this stigma that followed her all through her young life, her sisters still branded her the "Last of the Handmaidens," meaning she worth the least of them.
Atris had been one of the masters who decided on the Exile's punishment for her involvement in the Mandalorian Wars, and was not pleased to see the Exile again. Kreia also informed the Exile of Brianna's heritage, but cautioned him against training the Handmaiden to a Jedi.
Brianna developed romantic feelings towards the Exile as she knew him throughout their fights. She surprised the Exile by then changing into a heavy set of grayed robes, the style associated with a Jedi Master. To train the Handmaiden a Jedi you have to Influence her up and spar with her three times, when you are at least level 10, 14 and 18, and make a comment on the clothes she put on after sparring to learn of her mother. Unfortunately, when the Masters arrived Kreia killed the Jedi in the Light Side quest, or severely injured the Dark Exile during the Dark Side quest, and believing he died, she left the body there, and returned to the Ebon Hawk. Instead, the influence of the artifacts proved to be strong, and they slowly twisted Atris thinking, causing her to closing the Dark Side. She was unprepared that Atris would use Dark Side forces, and thrown to her knees after one Force Lightning hit. Hanharr is a psychotic bounty hunter, he is the first 'evil Wookiee' to be used in a game (although he was actually preceded by Chuundar in the first Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic game), and a strong contrast with the courageous Zaalbar who travelled with the player in the original game.
This behavior was dishonorable to the Wookiees and they banished him to remain permanently in the Shadowlands and the various dangerous animals there.
Light-side players are joined by Mira, dark-side players are joined by Hanharr, although it is possible to complete the joining sidequests so as to get the 'wrong' character for a player's alignment; such as gaining just enough Dark Side points to have Hanharr join the party and then complete the game as a Light Side character, or to gain just enough Light Side points to have Mira join the party and then complete the game as a Dark Side character. However, she escaped from him when his own explosives (set to kill her) exploded as he ran after her. While Hanharr respected the life debt he owed to Mira, his madness caused his interpretation of that life debt to become twisted and evil. But Visquis leaves him to be killed by his kath hounds, so the wookie finally realizes that he was only used and was fooled by Visquis. Mira then cloaks herself, and sneaks past the guards, opens a secret door for the exile Jedi, who enters while Mira escapes. Important differences, though, are that the Echani focused on light weaponry and armor, relying more on agility rather than heavier weapons and brute force. She went on to join in the Mandalorian Wars, and Yusanis joined her, despite the responsibilities of caring for his other five daughters and Brianna. At one point during their service, Brianna and her half-sisters swore an oath to Atris that they would never study the teachings of the Jedi, nor receive any instruction from a Jedi, although only Brianna had any Force sensitivity due to her heritage. She was attracted by the stance, the emotions, the passion, and the inner good of the Exile Jedi, so the Handmaiden started to rival with Visas for his affections. When asked, she finally revealed that they were the last keepsake of her mother that she had never known. Then learn more of her mother from Kreia, follow that up with Handmaiden and she'll accept your training.
Brianna also utilized a unique staff that possessed qualities similar to a saberstaff, and was given to her by her father. In the very first door, we need to Stealth in and listen to the conversation of two aqualish thugs, to learn that the Kath hounds in Vogga's lair will fall asleep if they drink juma juice.
When the Czerka Corporation arrived and began taking slaves, Hanharr took it upon himself to slaughter his entire village, starting with the youngest, in order to 'save' them.
Working with one of Goto's men, Visquis, they planned to capture the Jedi Exile and bring her to Goto so Hanharr could kill him.

Escaping the complex, Jedi Master Zez-Kai Ell appears and takes Hanharr down with the Force. Yusanis and Kae became known as heroes of the conflict, but Kae eventually fell in battle, and Yusanis returned as a broken man, abandoning battle to serve as a Senator. While Atris knew of Brianna's heritage, as well as her sensitivity, she never mentioned Brianna's potential, and Brianna remained ignorant of her innate abilities. Brianna was startled to have seen her mistress become so volatile, strengthening her growing belief that the Jedi were not the passionless beings Atris had described them to be. As one final question, Brianna asked what it was like to feel the Force, and was seemingly satisfied by the answers the Exile provided. When Visas is first accepted into the group by the Exile, Brianna challenges his choice, stating that Visas could betray them to the Sith, and also displayed jealousy at the Exile's willingness to accept an other woman so easily. She opened up to the Exile and revealed the story of her past, but she asked that it be kept secret from the rest of the crew, as she had come to trust the Exile over everyone else. The Czerka slavers eventually caught Hanharr and took him into slavery, but he later managed to escape and turn the tide on his captors. Consequently Hanharr focused all of his hatred for humanity upon Mira and instead of guarding Mira's life, Hanharr continually hunted Mira and threatened to kill her. But Mira came in her place, managing to render the Exile Jedi unconscious and fools both Visquis and Hanharr by wearing Exile's spacesuit from Peragus to survive the poisonous gases of Jek Jek Tarr, and went to meet the squidhead crimelord, Visquis, instead the Exile. But no use of showing mercy, the evil Goto infiltrated in Visquis’ organization yet, and controls his warriors, who suddenly change affiliation, turning against their master, killing Visquis in the arena. When a Light Sided Exile got back the Ebon Hawk, and finally could leave Telos Polar regions, the Handmaiden has appeared in the Ebon Hawk in her white robes, and asked them to stay with the team (the Dark Exiles got a special new black robed Handmaiden with a bit more darker facial expression). If the Exile had higher influence with Visas than the Handmaiden, she confronted the Miraluka in jealousy, accusing her of planning to betray them to the Sith, and ignoring Visas's attempts to placate her.
He disabled the ship so it would float aimlessly in space, granting him enough time to go about his work. Hanharr would often stalk Mira, grab her by the throat and promise to derive pleasure from killing her sometime in the future, when the time was right.
He did, and although he was stubborn, the Exile manages to break his will by creating a bond and breaking it after she finds out about his past, making Hanharr serve her without question.
After this, Hanharr is found by Kreia, the mentor of the Jedi Exile, regenerates his vitality and she takes him into her service, so yet again, Hanharr must pledge a life debt, this time to Kreia. Later, when Yusanis's old ally Revan turned on the Jedi and started the Jedi Civil War, he sought to destabilize the Echani, and assassinated an Echani senator. It looked like she broke out under Atris, but soon it became evident that Brianna was ordered by Atris to sneak aboard the Ebon Hawk and to the help the Exile in his mission to find the missing Jedi Masters, in hopes of gathering the survivors on Dantooine in order to form a plan of action to defend themselves against their Sith hunters. And since the game has more opportunity to build a deeper connection with Visas Marr, the Brianna line is not a big deal, the affair with Brianna is quite poorly made, depletes to learn her true name in the end, and a little bit jealousy in the meantime. Kreia speculated that because Kae had been strong in the Force, that the potential to become a Jedi also lay within her daughter. Over the course of weeks, perhaps months, Hanharr moved undetected about the ship killing suddenly and without warning and stuffing his slaver victims into storage compartments as a surprise for the other slavers to find. Mira often told Hanharr that she didn't want his life debt but Hanharr's insanity meant that he could see no way out other than to kill Mira.
During their journey, Hanharr held a deep respect for a dark Exile for having the strength to kill members of 'her own clan', the Jedi, and was influenced, to be a loyal servant. However, so as to maintain his servitude, she promises that she will show him no mercy or pity.
When Yusanis found evidence of the act, he foolishly challenged Darth Revan to a duel, but was ultimately slain by the Dark Lord, so this is how Revan got rid of TWO Echani senators instead of the planned one, but anyway, that was leaving Brianna an orphan. After all the slavers were killed, the disabled ship eventually crashed on an inhabited world and Hanharr escaped.
Torn between wanting to honor the ancient tradition of his people and an overwhelming desire to be rid of Mira, Hanharr serves his life-debt, while simultaneously plotting to kill her in the belief that it will free him of his life-debt. If the player gains enough influence with Hanharr, it is at one point possible to endlessly repeat the same dialogue-choice that will increase Hanharr's strength by 2, lower his intelligence by 2, and give the player experience each time. While Atton objected to allowing a spy to travel with them, the Exile welcomed Brianna to the crew. At this point however, Brianna was still wary of the Jedi Exile, as Atris had warned her not to trust them.
Also, it is good for Hanharr too; he will be stupid as a piece of rock, but will be strong as a bull, and we can agree, Hanharr is not the brain of the team, he won't calculate hyper coordinates for us, but will be able to hit an enemy to death with one large punch.
If Mira once again refuses to strike down a helpless opponent and spares his life, it is very likely that the injured Hanharr died there, when the planet was destroyed shortly thereafter by Bao-Dur's Mass Shadow Generator. She secluded herself inside the cargo bay so that she could hone her fighting style, while keeping herself separate from the rest of the crew. She was training her body and her mind all the time in the cargo bay, Brianna found the training to be helpful in maintaining her focus, and trained often while she was annoyed by the Exile's other "boring" and "weird" companions.

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