Get the latest information on new tools, trends and ideas for your DIY projects from The Family Handyman experts. I totally agree that the walls are often greatly utilized while the ceiling is usually left untouched because of its height. I have always been utilizing my wall space to its maximum capacity with shelves but I am still lacking of storage space until the extent of having to rent a storage unit for my excessive belongings. Garage is not only a storage shelter for your vehicle, but also a multipurpose storage center for house ware items, garden tools, outdoor sports equipment and workshop crafts.
Take a look at these garage storage and organization ideas so that you can easily and quickly get things in good order. Use sliding locks to keep your wheelbarrow standing up against the wall and out of the way.
Enjoyed your garage organization idea, it help me keep my stuff in proper order & easy to find. Not everyone has an abundance of bathroom shelving or closet space for storing loose toiletries, towels, bath linens and other bathroom accessories. The Benchwright Ladder Floor Storage unit from Pottery Barn brings an antique look to your bathroom without paying antique prices.
If bugs aren?t your thing, household accessories manufacturer OXO offers a similar, but whale-themed, bath storage system.
Don’t you just love a well-organized bathroom with functional and pretty storage galore? My master bathroom is not particularly pretty as it is, and it isn’t especially functional either. For my privacy notice and full disclosure of blog policies, advertising, copyright, sponsored links, and trademarks, please see my blog policy page! Many people have storage issues in their bathroom, whether they have a small or large bathroom.
Take a look at these clever bathroom storage ideas that include recycling bottle caps to store the toothbrushes, bathroom storage case behind the mirror, shelf above the door, surround toilet cabinet and hanging baskets on the wall. Wall pockets made by cutting wooden bowls in half and mounting them on a painted board in the bathrooom. This shower niche wraps around a corner for a bit of extra room for shampoos, soaps, a razor, and other necessities. This attractive bathroom ladder shelf provides plenty of space for towels, soap, cosmetics and more. To maximize space in the bathroom add a shelf over the door to store extras like toilet paper and extra towels. This idea of hanging baskets on the wall is a great solution that doesn’t take up any floor space in a bathroom with a small footprint. Old wood wine crates have a natural vintage charm, and make smart holders for extra toilet paper and rolled bath towels. Designed to utilize vertical space instead of horizontal floor space, this is an intriguing but functional and simplistic space-saving bathroom by stacking the contents of a bathroom on top of one another. This surround toilet cabinet takes up less space than your regular cabinet and keeps everything organized in your bathroom.
These crawl spaces and nooks in a bathroom can be creatively turned into organized storage. The built-in cabnet surrounding this tub provides enough space for extra cleaning sponges, shampoo, and soap.

A clever bath mirror with side pull-out shelves that let users access items without interrupting their looking-glass view. New York based startup Quirky has already given us a number of interesting products, including the Jenny Drinkard’s modular crate system, Anchor doorstop and the Tetra kitchen timer. Users simply need to lift a ladder against the long horizontal button to lock the hooks in place. I have also seen garage storage ideas, including those portable solutions that one can shift from one corner of the garage to another, that are widely used by many homes now – these are storage solutions for bicycles and scooters that are suspended on the ceiling and are sturdy and durable. Organizing your garage can be a lengthy and costly process, but it will save you time and eventually money.
Make the most of your garage’s storage space without hiring professionals to build custom garage solutions for you. Hangs scrap sections of plastic lattice to store everything from lengths of molding to fishing poles.
A great idea to recycle your old things and keep the spray paints from spreading out over shelves and bins. Short lengths of PVC pipe held in the rack serve as compartments to store each clamp individually.
Screw the jar lids into the wooden shelf that sits above the work top, and then screw the jar onto the mounted lid. Make a good-looking bike shelf with recycled wood crate, and keep the bike out of the way and easy to access. Use PVC pipes to keep your lawn and gardening tools out of the way yet still easy to access. Connect large pieces of PVC pipe with screws and use it to store all of those bulky yard tools. Use pie tins cut in half to safely store those circular items you need, such as sanding discs, circular saw blades and abrasive discs.
If a new bathroom or remodel is not in your immediate future, baskets and bins are cheap and immediate ways to maximize your bathroom storage capacity while adding stylish or fun decorative elements. If you?re going the 19th century look with a storage unit, consider using decorative elements like natural sponge and bath-salt filled ornate glassware as complements. We found an idea for a cute DIY weekend project which adds storage using towel bars and baskets. Besides looking like a toy, it functions as a scoop allowing parents to easily clean up the toys and then wall mount in the shower for drainage. Are you on Pinterest? Click here to find out how you can win a $750 giftcard and your choice of a Pfister faucet by finding and pinning ideas like this. Since there are a few old dressers hanging around, the idea of repurposing them is very appealing.
I really want to organize the insides of my cabinets and drawers this year, and I’m thinking of using pretty trays like you featured here.
And I had to comment because we have almost the exact same new year’s resolution- mine too is all about living more intentionally, with my time, energy, money. We have a very small house so it’s lots of deep cleaning, decluttering, getting rid of stuff and reorganizing. They often complain there are not enough space to store all those bathroom must-haves like blow dryers, brushes, towels, and lotions.
With two showers built-in, both of which rotate 180 degrees, one is for adults and one for children.

One of the latest creations at the social product development company is the Clutch, a unique system that makes the best of your unused overhead space to store an extension ladder.
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Who would have thought the ceiling could provide an abundance of storage spaces for things that you thought could never be chucked away without tripping over. These are not only used for the garage, but also for small apartments that are lacking of floor space.
With a few supplies from your local hardware store or recycled materials, you can maximize the storage space offered by this versatile area.
Get all that stuff up and out of the way and into unclaimed space near your garage ceiling. Swing down the drawers to be available while working, and out of the way when done working. Because of the open design of the lattice, you can quickly see the items stored overhead and has easy access to them. A few bungee cords hung on studs gives you a great place to store all sorts of sports equipment.
Create these hangers on the wall, and make each one easy to access and remove, instead of having them stacked on top of each other.
A great idea for a number of organizational needs: in the garage, the office, or for your craft space. Those small holes allow you to select specific areas for each hook or basket and ensure you have enough room for each item. A toy bin should be fun for the kids and provide a way for wet toys to drain back into the tub. As I’m thinking over my own house, trying to decide which home improvement projects I want to commit to this year, I keep wondering about whether to include my master bathroom. But I really want to be extra intentional about my time and money in 2013, and I know how easy it is to have one whim lead to another and pretty soon, you’ve gone out on a lot of whims. In fact, my gears are turning about the possibility of creating a pantry with the one in the basement right now. Nathan Tomberlin came up with the innovative idea after being annoyed by the clutter in his garage.
Easy and quick to install, the Clutch ladder system works with most extension ladders and is a great product for space-crunched apartments. And they are stored away neatly too, without a risk of getting them damaged by the end of spring, or winter etc. I would love to find some baskets to hide small of the small, less glamorous items on the shelves. A ceiling wardrobe would be incredible if it is possible to be built and be able to hold tonnes of weight.

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