This large custom built aquarium is a spectacular addition to a beautifully finished bespoke kitchen. The Custom Keepsake box can include your custom artwork on the top, front, inside lid, inside tray, and an engraved brass nameplate up to 75 characters. We ship all items from our location in North Carolina, so if it is going to California it usually – takes 5-7 days to arrive once it ships.
Custom Keepsake Box Video – See available options and examples of completed projects.
I heard a great quote once on soldier knives "Soldiers buy these $300 super SERE SPECOPS Tier 1 fighting survival knives then they use them to whittle stakes to make a poncho hooch, open MRE's and boxes." This does not mean that we do not need, in rare occasions significant capabilities, but just that we should be a little more realistic about what is a genuine need and what is a want. As a soldier I carry a rifle that holds 30 rounds and reloads rapidly plus sometimes a pistol with spare mags handy. I look at knives to suit my given purpose first with some consideration for defensive capabilities as a distant second.
Put it like this, if I am holding a shovel nobody is going to kick my ass cuz well I would smack them with the shovel. Generally I carry a single blade knife which clips to my pocket and opens with a convenient thumb stud.
2) Knives should have a grip that you can hold onto, particularly if they are for field or 'fighting' use.Wood and leather are good, G10 is good, textured plastic is good. The Mora is worth discussing here because they are a useful tool that does not meet my preference. 6) For a general use knife I favor lengths between 5 and 7 inches with a half inch or so error on either side for good tools like the Mora or  Ka Bar. In hindsight I probably overestimated my ability to get a book done based on my school lackadaisical work schedule and the family being at home; the combination of which left me with a lot of time to write. While watching The Walking Dead it occurred to me first that I wished I had a big awesome zombie killing knife and shortly thereafter that I do in fact own one. Max has an interesting discussion going on about Battle Belt concept of use and setup over at his place. Tools- Pathfinder trade knife in survival load, Cold Steel trail hawk, leatherman multi tool, Lansky diamond rod sharpener.
Shelter- Swack Shack for shelter, woobie for warmth (obviously a light system for summer in Arizona then Louisiana), Heavy duty space blanket just in case.
IFAK- Tourniquet, Israeli bandage, compressed gauze, Needle for chest decompression, Nasal airway tube, Glow stick in case it is dark when I need this stuff. Misc- Aprox 20ft of 550 cord in survival load, 1x heavy duty contractor type black plastic bag, 6x AAA batteries for my headlamp (2x replacements), 2x replacement batteries for the battery powered glowstick.
Discussion: First and foremost obviously needs will vary by the scenario(s) you are worried about, your skill level in different areas, region and season. I really like the Benchmade so it was an easy choice though really any quality folder could fill the roll. With these three knives I could complete every semi normal knife type task readily imaginable.
JP's custom knives also has several knives ready for immediate sale including a chef's knife, skinning knife, push dagger, double edged dagger,  and a Pirate Cutlass. We printed these 36 inch balloons for the Colorado Opera.  36 inch balloons are huge and really get your message accross.
Ultraquarium line represents the most common Large custom rectangular sizes we've been asked to build. Ultraquariums are available as Show aquariums, or as a Premium aquariums, including pre-drilled overflows and plumbing. It has never been easier to design your own custom framed mirror with the exact size and style that you want and have it delivered right to your door step.
The blue lighting & wonderfully large inhabitants provide a stunning feature when guests come to dine. Put this brass plaque on the inside tray or inside lid to compliment your custom artwork or shadowbox. By all means use quality tools but the difference between a $50 Ka Bar or $80 Ontario RAT and a $300+ Busse, Randall, etc is not likely to be an issue in your survival over any number of ridiculously unlikely situations.
Specifically I use them for everyday camp and life tasks such as preparing food, cutting small pieces of wood for whatever, 550 cord or rope and the like. As a civilian in normal circumstances I carry a handgun of some sort, in abnormal times I would carry a rifle that holds 30 rounds and a pistol that holds 17.
It doesn't mean a shovel is the best weapon, just that it is a tool that can function as a weapon if needed.

I do this not because I'll really need to stab somebody with it but because invariably when I need to cut something I'll be holding it with the other hand.
The exception is for tools like multi tools that have a knife blade almost as an ancillary feature to the pliers, screwdrivers, etc.
At a minimum a thin 'rat tail' tang but the ideal situation is a tang that is the width of the handle all the way to the hilt.
The ease of cutting and ability to resharpen of  non coated carbon steel knives is great but they are hell to maintain in wet environments. Going full in with a ka bar will get you a lot more than worrying if a Busse will get scratched. Part of the reason I haven't is that so many people have done their slightly different take on the same thing that my particular flavor would probably not bring much to the overall conversation. My intent is for a bag that can sustain a person (not including all water) for at least 72 hours under situations they are likely to face. Also in a bug out type situation I would add our important document folder, emergency cash and precious metals. Part of the drive to stay legal I'll need to open carry anyway so why not have the benefits of a full sized handgun. The primary reason for this is they fall more into the tool category than the knife category. Aside from Wifey not liking me taking a knife off my belt to cut dinner with there would be no real downside.
All MirrorLot mirrors are thick glass mirrors framed with a very high quality moulding and secured with category II safety backing tape. In my opinion the whole 'shoot once then let em have it with your tomahawk' mentality stopped being meaningful when relatively large capacity rifles that reload rapidly came into play.
Let's say you "defang the snake" slashing the heck out of somebodies limbs as they expose them to attack and it is going well up to the point that they will likely die but that guy with the cut up hands bashes your head on the concrete till you die you well, lose. If you screw around hoping to out skill somebody thus avoiding any injuries instead of just killing them and being done with it you risk their friends showing up, slipping on a rock doing something cool you saw in a Van Dam movie or them getting lucky. For me it is more that when I aim a knife at something to cut it I want the darn point to go where my wrist aims it. Honestly I consider them a very affordable beefier version of an everyday carry folding knife.
I'm not saying you shouldn't bring an expensive knife to the field just to do so if you will actually use it.
This is good as I am pretty bored of Rick putting the last 1-2 rounds of ammo into his sweet 6" stainless Colt Python for the 40th time. Obviously the winter BOB of a person living in North Dakota will be considerably different than one for a person in Florida. You might disagree with a particular widget but think hard before leaving out a whole sub system. There are tons of great bag options from several hundred dollar brands like Kirafu or Mystery Ranch down to the terrible to carry but durable Alice for $30ish. In a more kinetic situation the stuff currently in my kit bag would go into the fighting load. The Boo boo kit is more of a kit designed to keep me moving and as comfortable as possible.
For example I currently have a medium sized belt knife and a tomahawk while another person might carry a large knife and a folding saw. Need to add more 550 cord beyond the survival load, build some skills then add a food procurement system of fishing stuff plus some traps.
Toss in a couple of very young kids, a big shaggy dog and trailer full of stuff then things become a lot more interesting. A GPS, while it does not replace maps, is so useful, especially when detours or mistakes lead you off track. Just grabbing a bag and knowing we are good is very comforting and much easier than grabbing random individual pieces. Looking forward to seeing New Mexico and a lot of Texas, more than the brief glimpse I had some years back. I discussed a five knife scenario awhile back and wanted to update it to include some new purchases and be a bit more limiting. For your custom knife, machete and sword needs I recommend checking out JP's Custom Knives.
Price Includes: custom sized mirror, high quality wood frame, z-bar hanging system, safety backing tape on mirror, free shipping & delivery.

Based on these weapons relatively large capacity and speedy reloading it is a lot more likely I will just shoot somebody who is close to me.
I carry a folding knife all the time to cut all manner of stuff in everyday life and be there in case of a survival situation.
Anyway to make it as simple as possible do not read or watch cheese 80's videos about dudes fighting with knives in some south east Asian opium den.
Honestly this whole strategy reminds me of a guy who took 2 months of boxing classes that wants to hang back and throw jabs to avoid potentially taking a shot while KOing the other guy. They are a great light to medium duty belt knife at a price that allows them to be almost disposable. In general I think folks who do not get to choose when they go to the woods need to be prepared to get wet.
If you are so worried about it getting scratched then be honest, call it a safe queen and get another knife to use.
Water is a particular concern down here in the South West so carrying plenty of it is a sound move.
This may be one of those places a folding stock AK which fits into a duffel bag has a role. Am going to make sure there is a spare Solo Stove in Wifey's bag (I've tried hard to keep it real light) and the Camp Knife will go into my bag where it's going to live anyway. Decided on three knives partly because it is the number most of these type discussions seem to go for. After a semi gratuitous picture of the knives closed I will talk about the decisions I made and some sticking points that came up in them. The RAT 3 is pretty handy with a nice sheath but is just a bit too short to fill this role. If that doesn't work and they also fail at shooting me I'd try to bring a handgun into play, then a knife before going to hands. If you want to spend 5, 10 or 20 years learning Asian knife fighting (Kali, Escrima type stuff) that is totally cool.
I think the first book will end somewhere between chapters 12-18 depending on how things crack out. Not like an internet acquaintance (though I love you all) but a real 3 in the morning shotgun, bag of lime and shovel type friend.
Along with this I need to get moving on adapting the kit to Louisiana, getting local maps, probably adding some bug spray, etc.
It's a nice tool and a nice idea but I rarely find use for them in a place I could not have a whole box of tools.
When testing the RAT 3 I found myself jamming part of the handle into a roast or large piece of meat to get the blade all the way through.
My Camp Knife can do light brush or small wood tasks but is still handy for cooking or general use which cannot be said of the kukuri.
However at some point we do have to  look at if we are paying for a functional tool or a cool name (Busse) to make us happy and brag to our buddies or folks on the net about. There have been anecdotal cases of people using bayonets or in some cases going hand to hand after that date but the ratio of those circumstances is honestly not very high. Sure there is one in my BOB and another in the car kit but I do not feel the need to carry one every day.
OD green molded ABS and nylon belt sheath with tie.This makes a great holiday gift, Christmas present, gift for your father, father's day gift, surprise for your husband, mens, guys, men, mens gift. Knives you would reasonably carry regularly are not big and heavy enough to slash very effectively. Realistically at a chapter a week I'll have something ready to go to kindle press in the December-January time frame.
A slightly larger RAT like the 4 (reviewed at TEOTWAWKI blog) or 5 would probably be a great option, for more money the new Benchmade Bush Crafter would be great also. They will cut into skin but will not go through bone or get deep enough to incapacitate somebody quickly. With very rare exceptions you need to get deep into the body to get to the places where a normal sized knife will do sufficient damage to kill someone. Stab them a dozen times then shove your knife in their carotted (sp) artery and twist then it's all she wrote.

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