Galvanised steel is available in a small range to suit applications where stainless steel is not required. Galvanised steel is mainly used for internal applications as it is not protected from corrosion. Please call your nearest office for all enquiries regarding our services and products, including woven and welded wire mesh, perforated metal and other products. No party is complete without some chilled bottles on ice, and the Galvanised Steel Oval Beverage Tub is large enough to accommodate around 10 bottles of beer and plenty of ice. A hose trolley as good as gold: It is a€“ even if one hardly believes it a€“ the smallest model from this Swiss manufacturer, who has been designing and building irrigation systems for over 30 years at Lake Zurich.
The 20 mm strong steel pipes constituting the frame are welded, and solid hot-dip galvanisation ensures protection against rust.

Die englischsprachige Version befindet sich im Aufbau und wird laufend erweitert a€“ das vollstA¤ndige internationale Sortiment finden Sie in unserem deutschsprachigen Onlineshop.
It is all imported readymade and Sefar Metal Mesh add value to it by converting it into an end product.
Made from a strong construction of galvanised steel, this oval drinks cooler is ideal for bar top placement, cocktail parties and BBQs. Their sprinklers, watering devices and valves are made for professional use in gardening, in public sport- and park facilities, and in swimming pools. With four support points, the trolley, when fully-loaded, does not begin to totter; and, it stands firm on any surface. Galvanised steel is not very popular these days because it corrodes and the range is not as large as stainless steel.

Both water connections (entrance and exit) are equipped with brass connecting plugs and therefore ready to be connected to our brass hose sockets.
Or, mobile, with a wound up supply hose; the short pouring hose is mounted laterally and the trolley is rolled to where it needs to be used.

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