Extra large outdoor storage shed stores and protects lawn equipment, garden tools and supplies while keeping yard clear of clutter. The Forest Stewardship Council enables you to buy forest products of all kinds with confidence that you are not contributing to global forest destruction.
FSC certified forests are managed to ensure long term timber supplies while protecting the environment and the lives of forest-dependent peoples. A system of Chain of Custody certification traces forest products through the supply chain to the end-consumer.
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Forest Garden Bamburgh Planter Kits: A very elegant planter kit available in 2 sizes and perfect for decorative planting or growing your own fruit and vegetables owing to its large compost capacity.
Please note: When Choosing the Delivery Option an additional 7 days is added to the expected lead time. Delivery and Payment InformationThe delivery schedules quoted on our product pages are Working Days and intended as a guide only.
If the product you have purchased has an assembly option and you choose to take this assembly service then the delivery and assembly will not usually take place on the same date. Orders placed during a weekend where next day delivery is stated will usually be delivered on the following Tuesday.
Due to external use, this timber wooden planter is also pressure treated to ensure longevity.
This organisation is an international network which promoted responsible management of the world's forests. A happy marriage of resilience and natural beauty makes large wooden planters a brilliant choice for outdoor commercial planting.

If you require further details regarding the transaction data, please contact the supplier directly.
Schedules are based on our experience of what is the approximate AVERAGE delivery period of the relevant supplier. The independent assembly company will endevour to complete the assembly within 7 working days of delivery. Roomy enough to store lawn equipment and furnishings, strong enough for power tools and sporting gear, yet handsome enough to compliment any yard decor. Many look stunning in their natural finish, and others are an impeccable canvas for a painted color or wood stain.
For more information please see Terms and Conditions of supply with particular reference to: SECTION 4 and 5. Many Delivery Drivers (but not all) will help to move items beyond the kerb but at Kerb Side goods become your responsibility. It is very important that all parts are checked and verified before the independent assembly company arrives to carry out the work as failure to do so could result in unnecessary delays once the company arrives. Bank Holiday Weekends: Next Day Delivery Orders received over a bank holiday weekend will usually be delivered on the following Wednesday.
Features extra wide front opening for easy access, padlockable doors and adjustable shelving to organize recreational and workshop essentials. Each of our large wooden planters is given furniture quality mitered corners making their construction suitable to applications as tree planters or for shrubs with large root balls.
Crafted of solid wood harvested from the Cypress tree family with decay resistance similar to Western Red Cedar.
Commercial wood planters in rustic styles like our Barnwood and Reclaimed Wood Planters are among those used at many high-end restaurants and resorts. For landscape designers partial to natural materials, large wood planter boxes channel the beauty of the wild.

It's hard to surpass the charm of large wood planters on a restaurant patio, the rooftop terrace of a condominium building, or on the lawn of a golf clubhouse. We also supply commercial wood planters made out of reclaimed and recycled materials, such as those pulled from a torn down farmhouse or barn. While container options are diverse in style, each embodies the rustic charm that only real wood can possess. Some large wood planter boxes are best left in their natural finish, while others are the ideal canvas upon which to apply wood stains or paint.To learn more about each style, click on large wooden planters in the category above. Standard dimensions available to purchase online will vary per container, and some are available to order in custom sizes.
Commercial wood planters, when cared for properly, have impressive longevity and will uphold their appearance through multiple planting seasons.
The size and strength of these large containers also makes them a sturdy choice for heavier planting loads including trees and shrubs with large root balls.In addition to our redwood and cedar varieties, Planters Unlimited is also diversifying our offerings to various eco-friendly, sustainable and reclaimed woods. As large wooden planters respond to the value of environmental sustainability in commercial design, we too are seeking out new and exciting products that also reduce unneeded waste. Check out Sustainable Large Wooden Planters and also our Reclaimed Commercial Wood Planters. Please call for more details.While authentic large wood planter boxes are undeniably lovely, many of our clients are also turning to wood alternative materials such as cellular and composite PVC.
Responding to this demand, Planters Unlimited also offers a comprehensive assortment of large commercial planting containers in fiberglass and PVC, for indoor and outdoor use.

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