Outdoor Large Lighting Plastic Garden Plant Pot Illumianted Garden Flowerpot, View Outdoor Large Lighting Plastic Garden Plant Pot Illumianted Garden Flowerpot, Greatlion Product Details from Beijing Greatlion FRP Co., Ltd. I recently was given several boxes of ball-point pens, so here's the first of several projects towards their re-use. You can use a solder iron with cilyndrical sharpened working end and you will see that's the best way ti make holes in PET bottles.
I have recently used a pop bottle and drilled holes in it to make a debre filter for the pool pump in my dogs little kiddy pool. The center row is at 90-degrees, and the other two are (more or less) evenly spaced on either side.

Would filling the bottles with water and freezing them help when drilling the holes?  It would give you something solid to put the pressure of the drill against.
I have no way of officially measuring PSI, but it works when the water shoots up to about 6 feet with no problems, which is enough for my little garden. If you require further details regarding the transaction data, please contact the supplier directly.
Another reason to keep those used pens that I'm pretty sure everyone would have a lot if they have been through school. Both worked but for some reason i had an easier time drilling holes on the empty bottle.  When i have time I will pick up my parts to do this project.

Remove the ball-point and ink insert from the pin, and use the utility knife to cut the pen to a 2” length, including the cone-shaped tips.4.
Glue the hose attachment to the hole in the cap, using glue on both sides to keep in water.

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