Compare our service and value for the design, supply and construction of your new farm or machinery shed. They are built to our very own design which has been developed over many years to improve there strength and pleasing looks.
You can Buy a standard building or have us make one to your requirements like the big sheds you can see in the various photos on this page. Our Large sheds come with windows down one side and a choice of single door or double doors as standard. We don't have a standard building layout, we leave it up to the customer to decide were they want there windows and doors to suit there needs. If you have particular needs that you cannot find elsewhere then consider ordering a custom building. The pictures on this page will give you a small glimpse of the possibilities that are available.

The shed pictured above was constructed with old barn wood, and roofed with cedar shake shingles. Pequea is not limited to only sheds and gazebos; our custom garages and additions speak for themselves.
The addition pictured below was built onto an existing restaurant to provide a larger serving area.
THE Shed Company has been following ‘Shed Safe’ practices since its inception in 2005, hence the phrase ‘Discover THE Shed Company Difference’. For storage of farm machinery and large agricultural equipment, THE Shed Company can provide extra wide access by increasing the width of your bays up to 6m. THE Shed Company buildings are custom designed; therefore applications for our sheds and buildings are endless. Feel free to get ideas from this page and then give us a call at 717-768-8980 for a quote on your custom project.

We tailor all designs to suit your individual needs, designing farm and machinery sheds that meet both your needs and budget. Products 1 tenner of Premier builder of GARAGES STORAGE SHEDS WORKSHOPS service program buildings carports split barn style sheds Larger customized buildings our specialty large workshop barn sheds. Products 1 32 of 122 Sheds work great for general storage hay & mainsheet potting sheds workshops no large entrance or let us open it up with one of our large sword garage doors. We will be happy to help you design a custom structure that will be built to meet your specifications.
Our sheds are manufactured using BlueScope Steel featuring cold-rolled structural steel sections, high tensile steel cladding in K-Panel®, Corrugated® and Monoclad® in ZINCALUME® and COLORBOND® options.

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