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TK Tables makes solid custom made garden furniture in a range of styles that will both look good and stand the test of time.
With the large degree of time Australians spend outdoors in their backyards or gardens, its no wonder that garden furniture plays a significant role in enjoying those moments. This is exactly where TK Tables fits in with our ability to custom make garden furniture from scratch and to our clients needs. The quality in custom built furniture is significantly higher that mass produced imported products. Since all gardens seem to have a degree of uniqueness we find that our timber products can add to that as well.
Our solid custom made garden furniture is 100% made here in Melbourne Australia and not imported and resold.
Our custom made garden furniture is designed to be bulky and is made from durable timbers that will withstand the great Australian outdoors.
TK Tables are the only custom made furniture Melbourne manufacturers of items made from recycled railway sleepers and timber in the 50, 75 and 100mm thickness and in our view this makes us the only truly heavy duty custom made garden furniture manufactures that live up to their claim. Each bench, seat, table or planter box is hand made timber furniture that will inspire and last for life. We manufacture solid timber furniture to order and do not retail from showrooms as each piece is custom made for the client.
Some of our garden furniture is made from recycled a€?Aa€™ grade railway sleepers that are carefully transformed into tables, seats and benches.
We specialise in outdoor furniture made from sleepers in 50mm, 75mm, 100mm thickness and of course railway sleepers. TK Tables furniture is ideal for commercial clients and we often customise existing designs to meet their needs. Based in the northern suburbs we deliver across the broader Melbourne area, sometimes into country Victoria and even interstate. They are built to our very own design which has been developed over many years to improve there strength and pleasing looks.
You can Buy a standard building or have us make one to your requirements like the big sheds you can see in the various photos on this page.
Our Large sheds come with windows down one side and a choice of single door or double doors as standard. We don't have a standard building layout, we leave it up to the customer to decide were they want there windows and doors to suit there needs.
Lightweight and cost-effective, multi-section garden planters by DeepStream Designs can help integrate green rooftop and balcony landscaping into more projects.
DeepStream has two systems of proprietary lightweight aircraft aluminum extrusions to provide structural frames for wood or recycled plastic lumber that will last for decades.

This modular system allows for long straight runs of unlimited length, accommodates right-angle corners, and can include gates, trellises, privacy walls, railings, large panels, or any combinations of features. Designed with modern architectural lines, these modular planters are available in standard 21”, 31” & 42” heights, with economical custom options available. Engineered to last for decades, DeepStream’s lightweight garden planter systems use separate internal liners and filter packs that prevent drain blockage. Planters are quickly assembled on site by even inexperienced sub-contractors using just a screwdriver.  Landscape contractors can pre-plant liners to speed installation while reducing labor, cartage, and clean-up. Each project has custom assembly instructions using keyed versions of your drawings and photos of your actual planters taken during test assembly at our manufacturing facility. Your project is manufactured, erected, labeled, disassembled, bundled, and crated to allow for cost-effective delivery to even the hardest to reach construction sites. While wood on wood planter construction will last 3 to 5 years, DeepStream’s Mariner garden planters are engineered with marine anodized aluminum legs and aircraft aluminum frameless design to last for decades, giving the lowest cost of ownership over time and are backed with a Lifetime Structural Warranty. Wood on wood planter construction uses carpentry techniques that fasten wood to wood, and planters tear themselves apart with the expansive forces that wood exerts through repeated wet and dry cycles. For centuries, wood dowels have been inserted into holes drilled into rock, then soaked with water. DeepStream uses proprietary marine anodized legs and stainless steel fasteners to clamp the wood and direct the expansionary so that the wood can expand and contract at different rates without affecting the planter’s structural integrity. The commercial grade rigid plastic liners, mounted on an independent aluminum frame, contain the soil and prevent contact between the soil and the wood.
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TK Tables simply represents the best in design and innovation in outdoor and garden furniture. Our custom made garden furniture ranges from tables to simple benches but and is usually made from 75 and 100mm thick timbers like ironbark, redgum and treated pine and even recycled railway sleepers. Luckily we live in a country where we still have space and it seems that almost every garden area is different and people table pride in owning something that is different to the neighbours. Unlike the many retail stores that sell products off the shelf, many of which are imported from overseas, we make all our own products and source all our materials locally. The choice of sleepers, either new or the recycled ones highlights the distinctive differences that can be achieved with timber. Custom made garden furniture is all about meeting your needs and allowing you to have a say in your design. This furniture is designed to withstand heavy usage and remain rigid and firm for years to come whist providing a high level of comfort and adding aesthetic value to the surroundings.
Check out the other seats and tables that make us Melbourne's outdoor garden furniture specialists.
Since most of our furniture is used outdoors, predominantly outdoor tables, we only use resilient timbers like Cypress pine, treated pine, ironbark and red gum.

With a full range of styles in a variety of timbers and multiple sizes, TK outdoor tables is able to offer the best and most affordable range of solid timber picnic tables in Australia. Designers and architects love this custom made furniture as it is unique, resilient, affordable and maintenance free. TK tables furniture is suited to households especially the garden range but more so to clubs, sporting venues, cafes, caravan parks and other commercial areas where heavy duty solid furniture is a prerequisite.
The expansion force of the wood is thus harnessed to crack blocks off marble and granite for construction, even though the blocks are hundreds of times thicker than the thin wooden dowel. Solid construction, together with resilient timbers means you will be enjoying this garden furniture for years to come. People have often associated custom made furniture as expensive, but we have shifted that around by sticking to selected materials and not needing warehouses, middle men and display rooms to exhibit our products.
No two items ever have the same grain , texture or look, and when you start using railway sleepers the rustic distinction is even greater.
It is custom made to your requirements and not ours and in that is where we are different to other furniture manufactures in Melbourne. We don't make ornate intricate and thin furniture simply because it won’t last the harsh outdoor conditions or prolonged heavy duty usage. The vast majority of items are also designed and unique to us and can not be purchased elsewhere.
We do however also manufacture some furniture for sheltered area from a range of hardwoods like Vic Ash and Tas Oak. Beyond railway sleepers, some furniture ends up staying in its natural state whilst others are dressed stained or oiled to produce a cleaner finish. The heavy duty nature of our picnic tables means that we often need to assemble on site as some of these tables can range up to 250kg. This means each plank has its own differential rate of expansion, splitting, and warping when wetted.
The ability to custom make to order means our overheads are lower and this is reflected in our prices. This makes dimensional stability using standard wood-on-wood construction in two dimensions impossible to maintain over time, and shipbuilding techniques and maintenance are far too costly for planter construction. In addition, most wood planters lack adequate isolation from the soil and the deck or sidewalk, which promotes fresh water rot.

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