I intend to mount it into a cabinet with a table extension along with my router a'la PaulR. I may look at some way of building the incra into the top too - possibly with the mounting board sitting on the left of the saw blade (but removeable), and the router plate off to the right. Oh, and also the best place for me to get the bits to make up a hose kit for the saw, as they are missing.
I am presently building an extension table for it, which will also incorporate a router table. All of this will be sat upon a new wheeled cabinet incorporating a dust chute under the saw (ala other Kity modders on the forum).
I have also been giving the saw a bit of a strip down and service as well as doing some modding to try to improve the DE.
Having read some of the other modding threads, i thought I would do something different to the blade guard.

Unfortunately, performance was even worse than standard, as there is no suck on the back, and the dust can't fall through the holes as it is being thrown backwards.
I have an Incra jig, it's absolutely fantastic used with the router table, it makes woodwork much more fun and all of my projects involve the jig. Rob, I have cut the guard tinwork so that the back plate is just a sheet covering the belt. Done a great job so far Si, and that Dust chute very nice clean cut pieces of metal, do you have a sheet bender or did you sandwhich it between 2 pieces of wood. Description: You can download this image titled Modern bedroom furniture design home designing contemporary for your home interior design photo collection.
In the works now is another pool table to go in the room with the 12′ claro walnut table we shipped back in july.  Must be a big room ! The only problem was, not one, but TWO different sets of slates arrived from florida broken.

Back in the wood shop, Will wrapped up this cherry trestle table Thursday, and it is in the finish room getting its final polishing.
We’ve also got a pair of cherry tables going that will be mostly separated, but can be put together for large parties. Right click on the image to download selecting save image as, then you will select a title.
You can also find similar design ideas and topic like Modern bedroom furniture design home designing contemporary by browsing the categories on the right or looking at additional home interior design pictures below. Let us all knock on wood here.  Where to begin?  Left, is the finished upper cabinet for the kitchen we have been working on.

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