I am going to need to build a barn to house my M at some point this summer and need some plans.
Iowa has some plans for sale very cheaply, as well as the bottom of the page links to many free plans. For us to suggest ideas, exactly what are you looking to build, size wise, and your location for snow load, wind load. To hold up a roof will always take so & so much wood - actually a peaked roof will usually take less lumber than a single-sloped one because it can be braced against itself.
I bought a used car port 18x24 on craigslist for 200$ I replaced some metal and bolted 2x4s to the sides and nailed up some old barn siding I got off a neighbors barn down the road before they burned it down.
You can't afford to purchase trusses, so lets start with it needing to house an M that isn’t a big tractor to begin with.
Draw it on paper, then go to a supplier and price supplies for you to build it yourself, including trusses that you can make yourself using plates that you can purchase from Menards, Lowes, or wherever, to join 2"x4"'s together. Keep in mind that people were housing families in log cabins from timber they cut themselves with no pencils, paper, tape measures, plans.

Welcome to the Forum, dmark You will find that there are many friendly and knowledgable people on here.If you need it on choke to run it means it's not getting enough gas. Also, the jet screws are extremely sensitive, and once you get the high speed set to run proper, then that affects the idle jet setting, so you have to go back & forth a few times to get it right on both low & high speed circuits.
All of the above mentioned tips sound good, it also sounds like you could have an air leak whether it be at the intake gasket or in the carb somewhere. Just a quick update - I gave the carb the once over again this weekend and found a plugged passage which was causing the problem. This is closer to your shed size, but I don't think I care for the look of how they modified the gambrel roof angles to get the overhang to work. I guess on both sides this overhang would look alright, but significant roof mods are needed. Kind of like this.The lean to comes up under the gambrel roof and the roof covering continues down the lean to.
I got 250$ in it all together and I'll paint it to match the rest of the farm in the spring.

I got it running with a set of new points, a new float, and converted it with an external Onan fuel pump.
One of the hinge points on the upper grille is busted, and the cracked dash was fixed with a piece of plywood by the previous owner. I saw on one of the tractor sites where a man fixed his with metal reenforcement and overlayed it with fiberglass. Just make sure you build when they are green or you won't drive a nail in them when they are dry. The only problem now is that the choke needs to half way in order for it to run smooth, either at idle or full throtle. If that does not help you may need to play around with the adjusting screws or adjust the float to allow more gas in.

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