Our smallest standard shed model, the 4×8 size is designed to fit into tight spaces and the price point is designed to fit into tight budgets. Since 1993, Tuff Tonneaus' quality products have earned an enviable reputation for the manufacture of hard and soft cover tonneaus throughout Australia and New Zealand. Los Angeles California, but to be more specific - the San Fernando Valley or the (818) area code in general.

Heights are measured from the ground to the peak, are based on a 6” foundation and are rounded to the nearest inch.
Tuff Tonneaus have distribution channels across Australia and Europe as well as supplying major automotive manufacturers in Australia.Tuff Tonneaus are the major supplier of tonneau and tonneau accessories to all the top name aftermarket chains in Australia and many more independent operators. Should you wish to reproduce sections of this site, please contact us to obtain written permission.

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