You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Increases snow load capacity of the roof from 23 pounds per square foot to 30 pounds per square foot. The steel-reinforced, heavy-duty construction of a Lifetime Outdoor Storage Shed can withstand most of Mother Nature’s wear and tear, but for extreme conditions, this kit may be necessary.
I have had my Lifetime brand polyethylene storage shed for over a year, and I am very happy with its quality. If any of you are running out of space for toys in your garage, and they are yearning to expand into your yard, I think the Lifetime shed is a good choice. Disclaimer: The weather here in northern California is pretty mild, so I don't know how well they would hold up in a harsher climate. I emailed Lifetime about it via their website, and they promptly sent me a replacement part free of charge! When he adds one for aluminum, one for delrin, one for square tubing, one for round, one just for the ( brother in law?
It is good to get these product reviews because the lesser brands want to imitate the better ones to fool the buyer.
Lifetime Storage Shed Accessories allow you to customize your Lifetime Shed and maximize your storage space.
Lifetime outdoor storage sheds are double wall-steel reinforced and built with the finest polyethylene parts. Note: This model is not compatible with any of our Shed Expansion Kits or our Snow Load Kit.

If you live in an area with severe winds, rain, or snow, the Extreme Weather Kit is a perfect addition to your shed.
It is a pleasure to do business with organizations that stand by their products and treat their customers well. Take a look at the Lifetime shed accessory section to find everything you need from shelves and lights to extension kits and extra doors.
Kit includes: One high impact, Polyethylene Steel-Reinforced Corral, Installation Hardware. All exposed steel parts and trusses are powder coated and they only use high impact polyethylene. Keep tools and automotive supplies handy, safe, and secure in this highly durable, low maintenance Lifetime shed. Includes 12 reinforcement gussets for trusses, 8 steel wall reinforcement channels, 8 steel door reinforcement channels, 11 Floor anchor mounting brackets for doors, trusses and back wall (anchor bolts not included), 3 Roof Truss Bracket Hardware, 4 Gable-to-Truss steel supports, 2 Reinforcement door latches, and 12 Roof reinforcement screws per truss. The installation of the Extreme Weather Kit ensures that your Lifetime shed will exceed wind pressure requirements for non-inhabited structures in Dade County, Florida. First, I developed an infestation in my shop (3 lathes) and now they are taking over at my unused automatic bay at the car wash (4 lathes).
Through exhaustive consumer research and studies of the competition, Lifetime discovered that all vinyl sheds have a few great features, but significant weaknesses.
Polyethylene has superior strength and durability and it won't degrade outdoors as well as they won't crack, dent or mildew. Constructed from UV-protected, high-density, double-walled polyethylene plastic with steel reinforcements.

Not including the installation of the foundation, you can expect assembly of the shed itself to take 2 adults up to 6 hours. This kit increases the snow load capacity of the roof from 23 pounds per square foot to 30 pounds per square foot on the roof, and increases the wind resistance of the walls from 65 mph to 94 mph. For more information regarding the code, please reference 2007 Code 1620.5 in the Dade County NOA document.
We eliminated all of those weaknesses and combined the best features into one complete package. They make great Tool Sheds, Garden Storage Sheds, and just Great Outdoor Vinyl Storage Sheds. If you have a larger shed with more roof trusses (8ft x 12.5ft or 8ft x 15ft) you will need to purchase an additional Snow Load Kit to reinforce each truss over three. Backed by a 10 year warranty, Lifetime sheds are without a doubt, the BEST OUTDOOR VINYL STORAGE SHEDS made today. The Extreme Weather Kit includes steel reinforcement channels, roof truss supports, additional door latches, and floor anchor brackets. Steeply pitched roof allows for quick drainage of rain and snow, and the shorter roof span allows a greater snow load capacity than our larger sheds.
Keep your tools and automotive supplies organized and located right where you need them---in the driveway.

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