You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Unlike wood sheds, Lifetime storage sheds do not require repainting maintenance to keep the materials from rotting.
Includes 1 90x9 inch shelf, 2 16-inch peg strips, and 4 9.5-inch radius corner shelves for interior storage needs. Two screened vents on either 8-foot end provide additional ventilation on the inside of the shed. This Lifetime garden shed ships via an ltl carrier for a curbside delivery at the delivery address. The Lifetime 60020 - 10'x8' Garden Shed's side entry design gives you easy access to all of your stored items. The Lifetime 60005 - 10'x8' Garden Shed's side entry design gives you easy access to all of your stored items. Ample space, attractive exterior and dual entry make the Lifetime 60001 - 10' x 8' Garden Shed one of our most popular products.
Lifetime Storage Sheds - 60085 Plastic Outdoor Shed 8x10Note the 60085 is not compatible with Lifetime extension kits or extreme weather kits.Order the most attractive Lifetime shed design yet. The HDPE is blow-molded into various textures and patterns, which provides shingle-like roof panels, wood-grain appearing wall panels, and slip-resistant floor panels. These entry ways provide easy access to different parts of the shed allowing for a variety of storage arrangements inside. A curbside delivery means the customer must be present to sign for the delivery and to move the packages wherever needed on the delivery property. Two windows, two domed skylights and four small skyights let in plenty of light to this basic garden shed package. This High-Density Plastic shed also last longer than any other material because it won't rust, chip, or peel.
If you need a lowmaintenance and weather-resistant outdoor storage solution, you won’t find anything better.

These door locations are interchangeable for either side of the same length, depending on your needs. These patterns provide an attractive look, while not using materials that can rot away, like wood. These reinforcements provide a strong wind rating of 65 mph, and a hefty snow-load capacity of 23 pounds per square foot on the roof. The 10 x 8 dimensions provides sufficient interior space for storing yard equipment like a lawn mower or a tiller. Keep all your lawn and garden equipment in one convenient place, in one convenient location your yard. There is also information regarding our recommendations in the beginning section of the instruction manual for the shed.
The Lifetime 6446 is a great backyard structure and could be use as a gardening shed, pool house, workshop, or tool shed.
The dual-entry design provides easier access to the inside of the shed compared to single-entry sheds, and is useful when storing both larger and smaller items. HDPE is also easily cleaned, typically needing nothing more than soap and water to get out most stains. The including shelving and peg strips provides space to store tools and other yard supplies. Shelving and peg strips are included so you can keep your smaller tools and supplies right at your fingertips. If you want A GREAT SHED THAT WILL LAST, then this is it.With the assembly, everything that could be done for you is. This design, like other Lifetime sheds, features high-density polyethylene (HDPE) plastic panels constructed with a modular assembly. Make use of both door entries by having larger items stored through the entrance on the 8-foot side, and smaller items stored on the opposite side, accessible through the doorway on the 10-foot side.
This Lifetime shed is constructed from high-density polyethylene (HDPE) plastic with steel reinforcements for durable quality and low-maintenance style.

This modular assembly means that each panel is 2.5-feet in length (except on the 10-foot door side and the end caps) with adjacent panels interlocking and fastening together. This storage shed is also backed by a 10 year warranty from Lifetime Products for customers in the United States and Canada. The customer can also contact the freight company to schedule this appointment once they have received their tracking number.
Do yourself a favor and get your lawn and garden equipment organized with this worry-free shed from Lifetime.
But the fun is in the shed raising.Because it’s MOSTLY ALL DONE FOR YOU, it’s a great family project.
All you need to do is teach the kids (or wife) how to paint!The barn roof INCLUDES 3FT HIGH LOFT STORAGE, for extra capacity. The instructions are available online so you can see what you’re in for before it arrives.For those who are wary of cheaper purchases, the shed comes with a LIMITED WARRANTY FROM ARROW FOR 12 YEARS. The steel is also galvanized and the paint finish is baked on enamel which is quite hardy.There are accessories available for this shed which are needed for some. There are plenty of screws and washers that come included with the shed that need installing. We recommend a cordless drill rather than a screwdriver.The siding is vinyl coated to help protect it from the elements. The HORIZONTAL SIDING HELPS ADD STRENGTH AND RIGIDITY to the shed which will also extend the sheds life.Like all Arrow sheds, the foundation isn’t included but there is information in the instructions which cover how best to do it. There are really NO BELLS AND WHISTLES HERE just a shed that requires no maintenance to store your stuff in.The look is nice, without being great and the design is functional.

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