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Cut from plywood and customizable to any size mattress, this platform bed plan eliminates the need for a box spring and adds lots of storage. Project plans include dimensions for a twin-, full-, queen-, or king-size mattress (no need for box springs with this platform bed). Align the ends of the tops (A) and the bottom panels (A) of the side cases on sawhorses and lay out the divider locations. Use a household iron, on the cotton setting, to activate the glue, and press the veneer into position on the edges of the panels. Allow the veneer tape to cool for a few minutes, trim the edges with a utility knife, and sand the panels and edging. Apply glue to a divider (B), position it against the bottom (A), and clamp in position (Project Diagram, Drawing 1).
Cut the headboard panel (F), stiles (G), and rail (H) to size (Project Diagram, Cutting Diagram and Cutting List) and assemble using glue and screws (Project Diagram, Drawing 2).
Trim the veneer with a utility knife after the glue cools and sand the assembled headboard smooth.
Cut the side rails (I) and end rail (J) to length and sand smooth (Project Diagram, Cutting Diagram and Cutting List).

Remove the case backs from the base cabinets and apply the stain of your choice to these parts, then stain the headboard assembly and the rails. Move the components into the bedroom and position the cases at the bed location about a foot from the wall. Rest evenly spaced slats (L) on the side supports and place the platform (M) on the slats (Project Diagram, Drawing 4). If you are building the queen- or king-size bed, there is an extra divider, and it’s used in the end case. These photos and instructions are for a queen size; included in these instructions are the variations to build full and twin sizes. A framing square will help transfer the marks onto both plywood sheets to ensure proper alignment during assembly. After marking the edges that need to be covered, cut veneer tape pieces an inch longer than those edges. To ensure a square assembly, drill a countersunk pilot hole and drive a screw 1 inch from the front edge of the panel, and then use a square to ensure the dividers are 90 degrees to the front edge of the bottom (A); secure with the remaining two screws. The case back attaches flush to the headboard and one end of the case; the remaining opening near the foot of the bed is covered by the end case. After each coat cures, sand the clear finish with a 320-grit sanding sponge, wipe with a tack cloth, and apply the next coat.

Errors will be corrected where discovered, and Lowe's reserves the right to revoke any stated offer and to correct any errors, inaccuracies or omissions including after an order has been submitted.
When the first case is complete, assemble the second side case and then build the end case using these same steps. Queen-and king-size beds require a center divider in the end case and longer side cases to support the larger mattress.
For a light wood option, substitute birch plywood and edge tape for all of the plywood parts, and replace oak with maple or poplar. To add a modern twist, use MDF (medium density fiberboard) with no edge tape, and apply a clear polyurethane finish. The reader must always exercise reasonable caution, follow current codes and regulations that may apply, and is urged to consult with a licensed professional if in doubt about any procedures.

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