The new Mac mini looks nearly identical to its predecessor on the outside, with the only external change being upgraded USB ports—the mini now uses the USB 3.0 standard. Nuance Communications has announced the availability of Dragon for Mac Medical, the latest version of Mac-based speech recognition software for clinicians.
It has been an eventful day for Apple to say the least, following its special product event this afternoon in which the company introduced new iPads, new Macs and followed through with the public release of OS X Yosemite.
With the Mac mini server, which was intended for use on a small network and came with OS X Server preinstalled, no longer available for purchase, there is no longer a 2GB storage option available for the Mac mini.
Fortunately, the new Mac mini has two Thunderbolt ports on the back that can be used for expanded storage. Mac mini now comes preinstalled with the standard version of OS X Yosemite as Apple focuses on making the entry-level Mac a more consumer-facing product. DisclaimerThis website is not owned by, is not licensed by nor is a subsidiary of Apple Inc. Con l’introduzione dei nuovi Mac mini Apple ha cancellato la versione server che permetteva di avere fino a un massimo di 2 TB di storage interno.
Con il lancio dei nuovi Mac mini finisce l’era della versione server: Ricordiamo che i Mac mini server sono stati introdotti da Apple nel 2009 e sono stati i primi ad anticipare i tempi, questi modelli infatti sono stati i primi Mac mini in assoluto privi di unita ottica integrata, sostituita da un secondo disco fisso piu idoneo per l’uso come macchine per gestire reti di piccole dimensioni. Con la fine dei Mac mini server scompare la possibilita di scegliere opzioni per lo storage interno che arrivavano fino a 2 terabyte: ora la capacita massima arriva fino a 1 TB disponibile in due opzioni.
Il mac mini vecchio base aveva un valore di geekbench pari a 5731, quello nuovo che dovrebbe montare il processore Intel Core i5-4260U 1400 MHz (2 cores) che equipaggia l’iMac da 21,5 solo 5350. L’i7 precedente, ovvero Intel Core i7-3720QM 2600 MHz (4 cores), aveva un valore di 12681, mentre quello nuovo, equipaggiato con l’unico i7 dual core esistente da 3ghz dovrebbe avere un valore pari a 7209, ovvero una perdita del 43%! Aggiungo che come server, non essendo piu quad-core, avra prestazioni enormemente compromesse. Dato che da stamattina era un prodotto fuori produzione, Apple per le rimanenze nei negozi ha ribassato il prezzo: questo che prima veniva 800-850 (non ricordo di preciso) stamattina veniva 719€.
The NewerTech miniStack® is the perfect external storage and backup solution designed specifically to complement the look and feel of the latest Mac lineup. External Storage Solution for 2010 and later Mac mini - Optical drive, integrated SD card reader, & USB powered hub.
The Mac Mini has always been a popular choice for those either looking for their first OS X system, or for anyone that wanted to use their own monitors but didn't fancy the expense of the Mac Pro. There are four USB3 ports and two Thunderbolt 2 ports, so you’re not left wanting for high-speed transfer potential. There’s the aforementioned SDXC card reader as well as Gigabit Ethernet for wired network connections. As with all Mac Minis, the system isn’t supplied with any peripherals, so you’ll need to have your own keyboard and mouse, as well as monitor.
You'll need to make the right choice at the time of purchase, as the new Mac Mini is not user upgradeable. The hard disk isn't much of an issue, provided you follow our advice and get flash storage, as you can always expand by using external disks.
Acer Revo RL85 - this little miracle machine costs just ?399 for its Intel Core i3 variant, but with that you also get a wireless keyboard and mouse and some impressive expandability. HP Pavilion Mini - The i3 version of the Pavilion Mini is just ?349, making it a great budget choice. Putting the Mac Mini through our application benchmarks that look at image editing, video transcoding and multitasking it managed an overall score of 62. The Mac Mini comes pre-installed with OS X Yosemite, the latest version of Apple’s operating system. Regardless of whether you use those features, Yosemite is a powerful and reliable operating system.

A discounted 2012 model is a better buy - if you can find one - as it is easy ansd much cheaper to upgrade it to 16Gb. Apple senior vice president Phil Schiller noted that the big changes to this version of the Mac mini can be found on the inside.
The operating system and stock apps are initially stored on the flash storage, but as you use the computer, OS X determines which apps and files you use most frequently and moves those file onto the flash storage. As the dust starts to settle, it appears that Apple has quietly discontinued the Mac mini server by removing it from sale hours ago. The just-refreshed Mac mini comes with a 500GB hard drive based on the entry model, upgradable to a 1TB Fusion Drive at an extra cost. Now to get a quad core i7 you have to step up to a macbook pro 15″ ($1999) or mac pro ($2999). Questa caratteristica e stata poi estesa ai Mac mini del 2010 in cui lo chassis precedente parte in allumino e parte il plastica, e stato sostituito con una struttura ancora piu sottile, leggermente piu larga costruita con telaio unibody completamente in metallo: qui l’unita ottica e scomparsa definitivamente da tutta la linea Mac mini, soluzione che poi Apple ha esteso anche ai computer portatili piu compatti. Sul nuovo Mac mini piu economico proposto a 519 euro troviamo di serie un disco fisso da 500 GB da 5.400 giri al minuto, in alternativa al prezzo di 250 euro e possibile ottenere Fusion Drive da 1 TB, composto da un disco fisso della  stessa capacita abbinato a 128 GB di memoria Flash che lavorano congiuntamente per velocizzare le prestazioni.
Infine nel modello top Mac mini da 1.019 euro troviamo di serie Fusion Drive da 1 TB che puo essere sostituito senza incremento di prezzo con una veloce unita Flash PCIe da 256 GB. Credo che abbiano fatto questa scelta per distanziare maggiormente il macmini dall’iMac. With a footprint identical to the Mac mini (2010 or later), the two stack and fit together for seamless desktop integration.
The large storage capacity up to 6.0TB and Multi-Interface options make the miniStack ideal for storing or backing up large music, photo, and video libraries.
The new Mac Mini 2014 uses the same chassis as its predecessor, so it gets no complaints from us there. A small white LED is on the front, as is an IR receiver for use with the optional remote, but other than that there isn’t anything else on the front or sides.
This gives you an additional Thunderbolt 2 over the previous Mac Mini, which will make connecting two DisplayPort (or Apple Thunderbolt) displays possible; it also gives you more flexibility if you're using Thunderbolt external storage. You might find that Apple’s own mice and keyboards make for the best companion peripherals due to their OS X dedicated shortcuts. OS X is written to take advantage of flash storage, and it's considerably quicker to load and more responsive in use with one. With the old model, you could unscrew the bottom and change the RAM, but the 2014 edition uses modules that are soldered to the motherboard.
It makes the memory a bit more of a pain, but we recommend getting at least 8GB of RAM to give you enough headroom both now and in the future.
You get a 2TB hard disk as standard but there are two 2.5in drive bays, effectively allowing you to make a small, Windows-powered NAS for very little money. It doesn't come with a keyboard or mouse and expansion is limited, although not impossible. This isn’t stratospheric performance by any means, but it shows the Mac Mini is sufficient for most desktop tasks.
Our usual benchmark games of choice aren’t available on OS X so we had to use Call of Duty 4.
Some of the OS’ main upgrades will be better felt by those who own other Apple devices such as the iPhone.
With a virtual desktops and Mission Control providing a quick way to switch between applications, you'll find that OS X is a lot slicker than Windows. It’s kept what made its predecessor so good and reduced the price - at the bottom end at least.
Per raddoppiare l’unita SSD a 512 GB occorrono invece 300 euro, infine la configurazione massima di storage prevede una unita Flash PCIe da 1 TB che costa 800 euro.

It also looks great when paired with the iMac, MacBook Pro, Mac Pro, and aluminum or black finished PCs. It costs ?100 less for the entry-level model, with prices starting at ?399; we got sent to mid-range model to test, which costs considerably more at ?569. All of the system’s connections are tidily hidden away on the back, which you might find inconvenient if you plan on regularly connecting USB devices or reading from SD cards. It was tricky, but the old model also allowed you to access the hard disk bays (there were two), so you could upgrade the hard disk or fit a second model.
Its glossy white styling and cute chassis are a delight to behold, making the Acer Revo RL85 one of our favourite PCs of the year. The Zotac ZBox EN760 Plus, a similarly priced Windows mini-PC, only managed 47 although in fairness it made up for lacklustre application performance with surprisingly good gaming prowess for such a diminutive system. Playing the game in 1,920x1,080, 4x anti-aliasing and High graphics only managed 20fps, which was poor. There’s Continuity that allows interoperability with Apple’s iOS devices by allowing you to answer calls from your Mac as well as send and receive SMS messages. We're also big fans of Time Machine, which automatically backs up your files and applications, saving you from any potential disasters.
It’s a shame that upgradeability has been sacrificed but otherwise the Mac Mini 2014 is an excellent compact system, either as an entry-level computer or a Mac that gives you the flexibility to choose your own displays and peripherals, or a great PC to put beside your TV if you want more flexibility than an Apple TV can provide. All articles, images, logos and trademarks in this site are property of their respective owners. The Mini is made from a single block of aluminium and it shows through the lack of joins and its beautiful curved edges. It's for this reason that we tend to place this computer on the edge of the desk with the rear pointing sideways so that the SD card slot is easily accessible. Our personal preference is the Apple USB keyboard, which has a numeric keypad and a more spacious layout than the wireless version.
All of the systems use Intel’s ‘Haswell’ processors and it’s also possible to configure the two higher-end models further with SSDs and more RAM, although only the high-end model gives you all of the options, including a 2TB fusion drive. The Mac Mini had decent bootup and shutdown speeds but would be improved if you opt for the Fusion Drive or SSD options. Turning off any anti-aliasing will grant you 40fps but you’ll need to drop to 1,280x720 resolution if you want a silky smooth 60fps. You can also use Handoff that allows you to send over your app’s current state between your Mac and iOS device, so you can resume where you left off. It’s not as small as some compact PC systems, such as the Cyberpower Fang Mini; it is small enough to easily hide away.
We completely recommend the Magic Trackpad, as it gives you gesture shortcuts that make navigating OS X so much faster and easier.
The Mac Mini isn’t much of a 3D gaming system but will be able to handle older and simpler titles, such as indie games from Steam. This works with most of Apple’s apps and developers can build compatibility into their own apps. Using Apple computer since the apple 2 plus, all I can say is that the authors of these reviews are idiots. If these authors need to criticize a Mac then they'd be better off criticizing their own reflection in the mirror.

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