PHOTO: Stadler StudioThis is an example of a small beach style one-story exterior in Seattle with wood siding and a hip roof. No pool, but like Gazebo and sides for outdoor kitchen.This is an example of a beach style backyard rectangular pool in New York with a pool house and natural stone pavers. Located in one on the countrya€™s most desirable vacation destinations, this vacation home blends seamlessly into the natural landscape of this unique location.
The addition of a shed dormer on a gabled roofline provides much-needed headroom to the building's second story. A shed dormer strategically located above the entryway perfectly complements the gables on either side of the home. A shed dormer provides visual interest to the roofline, thus creating a front-and-center focal point on this Craftsman home.

Since a shed dormer's roof is pitched differently than the main roof, it's a great place to mix materials. Like all dormers, the shed creates usable space in the roof of a home by adding headroom, windows and architectural interest. Centered above the entrance, large shed dormer windows draw the eye upward on this Philadelphia home. This Vermont home sports a red cedar main roof and a copper shed dormer roof.Tell us: Has your home been enhanced by a dormer?
Douglas LaneGreat examples Rachel, you have a great eye for quality designs and material utilization. I often design the roof "flat" so that it commands very little attention; instead the focus is on the windows as an accessory to the main roof.

The shed in particular features a single-planed roof with an eave line that is parallel to the eave line of the main roof, yet pitched at a less severe angle. Shed dormers work at varying sizes; they can accommodate a single window and act as an architectural punctuation mark or feature five windows in an entire attic addition.

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