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SM Garden Sheds are committed to exceptional standards of customer service, and are happy to advise on the perfect garden storage product for you. At SM Garden Sheds, we understand the importance of high quality garden storage products at low prices, and are dedicated to providing this. Duramax and Keter also represent superior quality steel reinforced garden sheds and outdoor storage.
Our wide customer base includes the domestic sector, online stores, garden centres and retailers, all of whom are confident that when they buy from us they are buying from the shed experts.
We have a finger on the pulse awareness of developments within the shed and outdoor building market, and are dedicated to bringing our customers quality, well designed sheds at low prices.
The innovative Lotus selection of sheds and garden storage buildings, are the result of a combination of two years research by shed specialists, and a factory investment of brand new steel roll forming equipment. The Lotus range blend high quality with close attention to detail, representing a highly reliable product along with extreme value for money.
Many colleges and schools are reviewing their facilities in the light of changing requirements and financial pressures. Steel Garden ShedsNew range of maintenance free garden sheds, all sizes available, excellent value. Your garden tools, lawn mower, bicycles, garden furniture and much more can be kept safe,dry and out of sight. Our steel garden sheds are therefore designed to last a lifetime, hence we can confidently offer every customer a fifteen year guarantee. You have a metal shed that is protecting all of your outdoor equipment but you don’t really know how to care for it. If you are considering buying a metal shed and you are seeking advice, you’ve come to the right place!
The Breen range of steel sheds includes two variations of buildings primarily used as garages for vehicle storage in residential areas. Our range of steel sheds are designed to cover a multitude of needs from simple steel sheds for storage to steel garage sheds.
A robust metal shed is a useful alternative to the wooden shed as it is extremely strong and hard wearing.
Because our sheds are sectional, this means we can locate them in hard to access places thus ensuring the shed is used to its full potential. You’ve been hankering for a nice shed in your backyard to match your home that also requires practically no maintenance.
Maintenance free vinyl siding has great durability and the strength of wood framing makes for an exceptional storage solution.
The combination of vinyl siding and LP® framing is what makes the Sentry shed so strong and durable. Vinyl siding has become a very popular choice by many homeowners due to its versatility and durability.

Vinyl siding looks fresh for years and offers an affordable option to many people looking for something that won’t require maintenance or upgrading.
On the flip side, vinyl siding is also a preferred material in construction due to its quality and price. If you’ve been wanting a good quality, low-maintenance shed, then consider our vinyl-sided option for quality, ease of care, affordability and long-lasting storage.
At SM Garden Sheds, we are proud to offer a vast range of high quality, low maintenance outdoor storage solutions.
Whether its small plastic or metal outdoor storage buildings ideal for caravan sites and holiday homes, or large sheds, garages or workshops, we can fulfil your needs.
Our huge range of UPVC, steel and timber sheds and garden storage buildings come from some of the biggest and most popular names in the industry. Duramax vinyl buildings like the 8x10, are manufactured from durable, fire retardant PVC and look extremely smart with their shiplap walls. Metal outdoor storage buildings from SM Garden Sheds, each have their own attributes and are chosen with durability and affordable price in mind. The Lotus range of sheds, are a recent addition to our range, and one we are proud of, as this light clad metal shed really stands out from the crowd.
These premium sheds are the ultimate new generation in light clad outdoor storage, having 0.3mm high tensile, hot dipped galvanised steel constructed parts and fixings throughout. These sheds come with user friendly assembly instructions, and we can also supply a demonstration video on request. High Performance, Steel Reinforced, Low Maintenance, Plastic Outdoor Garden Storage Buildings, Sheds, Workshops, Garages & Plastic Outdoor Storage Boxes.
The front, back and side sections are solid welded units which are then bolted together on site, to make a heavy duty rigid frame. This is then primed and painted and the outer side is embossed with 200g per square metre plastisol (PVC).
We’ve compiled a selection of tips in order to help you select the best shed for your garden or allotment. A high-quality metal garden shed holds many beneficial qualities compared to traditional wooden garden sheds. They are also suitable for use as small workshops, office accommodation, store rooms, games rooms etc. The thick steel walls provide excellent strength and rigidity and on the whole are maintenance free. Breen Steels Sheds offer sheds in a variety of styles so that you are likely to find something which complements the look of your property and garden space. Be it at the front, back or side of your house, these sheds not only suit but blend in with their surroundings. It is currently one of the most commonly used synthetics in construction because of all of the many benefits it affords homeowner and builders. Our plastic and metal sheds include some of the most high performance garden storage solutions on the market, all carefully sourced by our knowledgeable team.

Our garden storage products come with user friendly assembly guides or we can install them for you, we also provide FREE delivery to most locations within the UK.
Uncompromising performance and competitive prices can be found with heavy duty, plastic sheds like the 8x2.5 model from Lifetime. The Keter factor 4x6 has a reinforced steel frame, integral floor and ventilation, perfect for storing bicycles, lawnmowers, tools and many other garden products. We offer the most comprehensive range of quality metal sheds in the UK, with maintenance free heavy duty sheds from names like Biohort, Easy Kit and Asgard. The Lotus consists of high tensile, hot dipped galvanised steel, with large door openings, ventilated gables, colour coded door handles and balanced door glides.
Details such as apex roofs for efficient drainage of water, and integral ventilated gables are major aspects of these sheds. Customers tell us they are delighted at the simplicity and speed with which these sheds can be built, but where there is any difficulty we are always happy to help. The plastisol alone is guaranteed for 25 years, it is hard wearing and will only be damaged by something sharp or rough. Steel sheds are secure storage products and some offerA additional security features such as drill-resistant locks and multi-point locking systems. We draw on our experience and level of expertise when choosing which products to add to our stock, and will travel nationally and internationally to this end. These sheds are not only an attractive addition to any garden or outdoor area, but have features like UV protection, powder coated steel reinforcements, a 1.8 metre wall height, apex roof, screened vents, unique button catch opening door handles, skylights and a high density polyethylene stain proof floor. We listen to the needs of our customers and will always endeavour to supply the ideal garden storage product for them. Another feature are the easy access top rails which are convenient in the case of needed adjustments. Condensation can be a problem with many inferior quality metal sheds due to limited air flow, encouraging rust and deterioration. The timber floor is supported by a steel frame with a series of cross bars so the timber is clear of the ground or base and is firm underfoot. We feel that only when we have seen the production process in action and had our questions answered satisfactorily, are we happy to add new makes or models to our range. The exceptional Lifetime range is non combustible, condensation resistant and rot and rodent free, it is also available in a varied choice of sizes and specifications. Popular and robust light clad metal sheds from Canberra and Emerald are constructed from hot dipped galvanised steel, and have extra high walls and secure lockable doors for a safe and long lasting storage solution. These risks are significantly reduced with design and technology implemented in the manufacture of Lotus sheds.

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