Penn Schoen Berland (PSB), which was founded by former Democratic pollsters Mark Penn and Doug Schoen, circulated a survey among Komen's supporters last week to assess the damage caused by the public backlash against the charity in early February. It then launches into a series of questions about messaging: Did you read the media stories about Komen defunding Planned Parenthood? Komen founder Nancy Brinker and its public relations team maintained throughout the Planned Parenthood controversy that their decision was based on a routine change in grant criteria that disqualified organizations who were under federal, state or local investigation.
In an attempt to assess the damage caused to Komen's reputation, the survey runs statements by the respondent and asks him or her to rate their believability. Perhaps most interestingly, one section of the Komen survey asks participants whether they feel that the organization still owes them an apology, and then lists a series of potential apologies to test whether or not they are effective.
PSB wraps up the survey by listing a diverse cast of politicians and celebrities and asking the reader to rate which ones would be the most credible as Komen's new spokesperson.

Komen and PSB did not respond to The Huffington Post's requests for comment about their partnership. Whether it’s a photo shoot or a new product I’m trying out or anything really that is about make-up!
Komen for the Cure's controversial decision several weeks ago to cut funding to Planned Parenthood, and the subsequent reversal of that decision, the cancer charity has hired a consulting firm that specializes in messaging strategy to essentially ask its donors: Do we still owe you an apology? The 20-minute questionnaire first asks a series of questions to determine how favorably people feel about Komen now and how likely they are to donate to it, as compared to the American Cancer Society, Planned Parenthood and the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.
But emails later surfaced showing that Karen Handel, Komen's senior vice president for public affairs and a former Republican candidate for governor in Georgia, actually drove the decision to defund Planned Parenthood because some of its clinics provide abortions. Do not use sans serif fonts (such as Arial, Calibri, Comic Sans, Lucida, Tahoma, Verdana, Century Gothic).

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