Priority Pass, the membership scheme which gives you global airline lounge access, relaunched yesterday with a new website and a new logo.
The new site seems to feature more, and larger, lounge photographs to give you a better idea of the space you will be visiting. Interestingly, you still cannot buy the version of Priority Pass which is given away free with American Express Platinum. Filed Under: oneworld alliance partners About Head for PointsWe help business and leisure travellers maximise their Avios, frequent flyer miles and hotel loyalty points. Though always seemed to get a new person on the checkout who had no idea how to put vouchers through! I think they have taken them off the shelves as I went to one which had at least 150 available for weeks and then one day they all disappeared, they wouldn’t let people buy more than 5 in a transaction so I doubt anyone cleared them out especially with the amount of failed activations. The conditional spend coupons are so few and far between that using them with the fee base cards earns you very little at the end of the day. Really going to hit my points earning as I use them a lot for holidays, Virgin Media, Amazon etc and not really into buying Lego, pre-order Disney things etc. I think it varies – for a while I was getting them almost every shop, so each ?5 off ?50 spend covered the card fee. It’s actually worse than that, if starting from scratch you will need 1000 CX TPs as they reset after you reach each level. For some reason I can’t usually click through to IE from HFP these days, though the same IP address opens immediately in Chrome.

Surely having lots of different cards paying ?25 off the bill each month would trigger your account to be looked at? It was possible for a brief period in September, but some idiot publicised it on Flyertalk. I managed to use them to pay off Amex in August after my local Tesco started restocking them but then the local supply dried up! I also lost my friendly CX gold card last night, now if only i could do a stays match with my Etihad card to a One world airline.
LOL, I briefly considered lifting some from Morrisons to activate at Tesco but my wife said no!
They also have no problem with you buying 15+ cards at a time, and you can sell the fuel voucher on eBay for about 80% of face value. Self service check out does work, but I was rudely told off by a member of staff at both the Camden store and another London store for using it, who said you’re not allowed to go through self check out with gift cards. Interesting note on the Platinum Amex small business card, it does not allow guests in on its Priority Passes.
If you are going to be at the airport a couple of hours before departure, paying the ?5 is not a bad deal.
Alternatively, they will let you use MyLounge next door which is ‘Shoreditch industrial chic’ and not kid friendly unless they are old enough to use the table football table! I was in one Tesco where (after buying a few in 4s) I jammed the activation process buying another 4.

Most now know to total individually after each card but when one fails they assume it’s already been activated which is not the case, wait 2 mins, or do some other ones and it always works fir the one that failed. Also a lot of the time you get money off coupons in co-op and these still scan when you purchase GC’s but just mix in a little shopping.
Not all retailers will accept a CC since its under the electronic money category on the machine. Morrisons still offers 1p per litre off for every ?10 in gift cards, as I just purchased 10 cards at my local store for 25p off fuel voucher.
Even the customer services weren’t aware of this, so ended up chasing around spare 15 quid charges. Fortunately we managed to match it over for another 6 months of QF Gold, but maybe the trail of breadcrumbs ends there.
You know the situation, 1 fails to activate, you remove it then the new 4th one repeatedly fails to activate.
Number 1 lounges do have a habit of turning people away because they are full, so don’t take it personally if they turn you away! You can book in advance for ?5 per person which guarantees entry and gives you fast track security too.

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