If you offer downloadable materials for sale on your blog or are thinking of branching out into product sales, you’ll need to work out the best system of payment for your visitors. As the customer views their shopping cart, they should also be able to easily add or remove any items that they need. Although some customers may be hesitant to save their personal information on your website, you’ll want to provide this option for repeat clients in particular. Whether you’re trying to reach out to new or existing customers, all online shoppers are in search of bargains. These are just a few ways to give your customers a more enjoyable and stress-free shopping experience. Make the most of your domain name by using it for a website and email.When you make your own website you will need to choose an address of some sort. I was looking for some site map solution that would satisfy my picky needs (to be seen as wp page not as wp post and to show list of categories with posts inside them).
Here, xxx is ID of your plug-in post that you can find in your post URL at the end, or in _posts table of your WordPress database.
Creating compelling and useful content will likely influence your website more than any of the other factors discussed here. A page’s description meta tag gives Google and other search engines a summary of what the page is about. Description meta tags are important because Google might use them as snippets for your pages. Widget RSSLinux Howtos – Raid1 Setup On CentOS5 February 26, 2011This Howto covers Raid1 setup on preinstalled Centos 5.5 system.
SEO Blog India unveiling the secrets of search engine optimization, SMO, PPC and the other channels of digital marketing. Developers Still Prefer iOS, But HTML5 Coming On Strong (Appcelerator and IDC via e-Strategy Trends)According to the fourth quarter survey of mobile developers by Appcelerator and IDC, about 63 percent of mobile developers are "very interested" in using HTML5 to build their apps. Massive Spike in Mobile Enterprise App Revenue (Strategy Analytics via Mobile Marketing Watch)A report from Strategy Analytics shows that mobile business collaboration, productivity, and process apps went mobile in a big way in 2012.
Shoppers Prefer Mobile Web To Apps (Nielsen via BrainSINS)Recently, Nielsen published a report where it’s shown that users prefer to access retailers mobile Web to retailers' apps.
Why HTML5 Should Replace Native Apps For E-Commerce (GetElastic)HTML5 will begin to replace native apps in mobile commerce strategies, as Apple’s dominance dwindles and Android and Windows Mobile grow. Mobile strategies that consider the ROI of developing apps, with a long-term outlook, will shift away from native development, though it may take some time to catch on, as the hype around native apps has convinced many marketing departments that native e-commerce apps are necessary.
There are certain websites which look utterly pleasing and great but in actual, they do not provide awesome usability and functionality.
First of all try to make the navigation as simple as possible so that the viewers can navigate the site easily. Below we present the prominent points, which make the website amazing and improve the user experience of the website.
Leave designing the websites on table based layout rather go for using CSS based layouts, since they are far better than table based.
The fonts you carry on your website might be itching to some, this is the reason often the viewers are provided the chance to change the font size on the websites.
Although the flash intros and the use of flash on the websites look much appealing to the eyes, but in actual it slows down the speed of the website since the website takes much time to load.
If you don’t already have a user-friendly checkout system embedded into your website, you could be losing out on valuable business.
It should be simple to navigate back to the main list of products after viewing a shopping cart, without any disruption to their shopping experience.
This way, they don’t have to re-enter their details on each visit to make a purchase. If a customer has registered their email address, you can send out a promotional offer to entice them to return to your shop. Each website is different, but you should strive to find ways to make your brand stand out from the competition with a user-friendly layout. In some themes, like in one that I am using, it had previous post and next post links whenever a post was separately opened.

Breaking your content up into logical chunks or divisions helps users find the content they want faster.
Users who know a lot about the topic might use different keywords in their search queries than someone who is new to the topic.
You could also write an original piece of research, break an exciting news story, or leverage your unique user base. This gives the user clues about whether the content on the page matches with what he or she is looking for. In fact, you probably have a laptop and a tablet to go with it, according to Forrester Research. The survey was conducted by analyzing the activity of more than 5,000 users during the 2011 holidays. The ease of maintaining one experience that serves all platforms and the significant cost benefit will make this a no-brainer approach for organizations. If so, there are bright chances and possibilities that the website would not be successful despite the efforts.
It lets your website have the big ranking in the search engines and drive traffic to your blog. This way, the user starts thinking that your website is slower and it affects your website’s usability. There are several aspects to consider in addition to simply placing a shopping cart on your website, however. However, if you are running an ecommerce store, you’ll need to give your checkout area maximum display coverage. If a customer needs to change a colour or size of product, are they able to do this without fuss?
Information like a shipping or billing address can be stored so that all they have to do is enter their payment details for a quick and easy transaction every time. This allows your blog or shop to compete with services like Groupon, which are all the rage. For example, a long-time baseball fan might search for [nlcs], an acronym for the National League Championship Series, while a new fan might use a more general query like [baseball playoffs].
Google Webmaster Tools provides a handy content analysis section that’ll tell you about any description meta tags that are either too short, long, or duplicated too many times (the same information is also shown for tags).
Alternatively, Google might use your site’s description in the Open Directory Project if your site is listed there (learn how to prevent search engines from displaying ODP data). Below is another example, this time showing a snippet from a description meta tag on a deeper page (which ideally has its own unique description meta tag) containing an article. Generation Y (defined as 24 to 32-year-olds) are at the pinnacle of Internet adoption and activity.
For instance, see how social news Zite lets you read an article on through the browser or in the app (an example of how hybrid apps are accelerating HTML5 adoption).
Aggregating the access to mobile Web stores and specific retailers' apps, almost 60 percent of the traffic went to the principal e-commerce websites: Amazon, Best Buy, eBay, Target, and Walmart. Larger websites include a search engine and if you are unable to do so, you may use Google’s free services.
Your customer will quickly give up and move on if they can’t figure out how to make a purchase.
It shows page structure and also, some sitemap WordPress plugins create sitemap.xml file that is very useful when search engines map your site.
Organic or word-of-mouth buzz is what helps build your site’s reputation with both users and Google, and it rarely comes without quality content.
Anticipating these differences in search behavior and accounting for them while writing your content (using a good mix of keyword phrases) could produce positive results. Adding description meta tags to each of your pages is always a good practice in case Google cannot find a good selection of text to use in the snippet. They are the most likely to own multiple connected devices (like smartphones, tablets and PCs), and are increasingly mobile.
With the app economy exploding, we now see thousands of apps use the hybrid wrapper model to increase the efficiency of building an app and lower the overall development costs.

In that time period, more than three-quarters of respondents plan to devote at least 5 percent of their total ad budget to mobile. You could purchase shopping cart software to accomplish this on your own or pay for web design services.
Make sure that the button or link to your shopping cart stands out prominently on the screen, and allow visitors to view their cart easily. There should be no need for a customer to have different tabs open between their shopping cart and the product pages. Google AdWords provides a handy Keyword Tool that helps you discover new keyword variations and see the approximate search volume for each keyword.
The Webmaster Central Blog has an informative post on improving snippets with better description meta tags. Generation Y has a 72 percent adoption rate for smartphones and uses them for all varieties of interaction with information and communication and commerce. Seventy percent of respondents believed the fast adoption of smartphones and tablets was the top factor driving up the price of ads on mobile, indicating that mobile penetration is the most important factor determining advertising value. When they view the cart, they should be able to see each item that they have clicked on displayed clearly with the picture, product description, and price.
Also, Google Webmaster Tools provides you with the top search queries your site appears for and the ones that led the most users to your site.
About a quarter of the denizens of Generation Y have tablet computers, like iPads, or Android slates. Two-thirds of buyers cited improved ad formats on mobile as an important factor driving up prices. Most respondents believed that the mobile and desktop channels would be comparably priced within the next two years.
It had visually all that I wanted (categories with list of posts that belong to them), but it was implemented as a post.
I didn’t want that (yes, I know I could easily put it in sidebar as a link, but I wanted it to be on the top with other page links). Walmart announced that it will sell the iPhone 5 off-contract for a plan that costs just $45 a month with unlimited data, text, and voice, and another that gives you unlimited international calls for more than 1,000 destinations in a bunch of countries for just $60. That creates a whole new opportunity for developers to reach a part of the world that is only just waking up to a reality of always-on and always-there Internet.
It's worth noting that native applications are no better than HTML5 applications when it comes to the network.
There are three key problems in mobile networking to consider: high latency, unreliable networks and switching network conditions and battery life. Your application still needs to work and this is where the HTML5 networking APIs fall short. To make this work for users, we need to tell the user that everything is done, while decoupling the user interaction from the state of the network request.
One day there will be a HTML5 based API which take these problems into account and solves them universally. This is the second time in the past three years that Starbucks has received this prestigious award, which is an impressive feat in the competitive world of mobile advertising. In recent years, the company has implemented a mobile-first strategy never before seen in the mobile marketing arena.
Their approach spans the spectrum from the advanced technology of augmented reality and QR codes, to the more traditional channels of mobile apps and SMS. Facebook is still in the early stages of developing ads for users who access the social network via mobile devices instead of desktops. Features such as Facebook Exchange, which helps companies target ads based on users’ past Web activities, will help boost sales this year.

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