Please feel free to contact us today to schedule a free estimate with a member of our team. Since 1957, Orlando Building Service (OBS) has been serving the business community of Florida by constructing endurable, pre-fabricated metal buildings that stand the test of time. Utilizing the experience of commercial general contractors, Orlando Building Service specializes in the construction of steel office buildings, industrial facilities and warehouses. Pacific Erectors Provided: Keith Panel Systems Alucobond panels enfold the Event Center crown with Centria Concept Series corrugated panels accenting the vertical fins. Pacific Erectors Provided: Over 40,000 square feet of Centria Formawall Dimension Series panels accent both unique but identical structures. Pacific Erectors Provided: The eyebrow treatment of these symmetrical buildings creates a bold architectural statement. Pacific Erectors Provided: Centria Formawall Dimension Series panels wrap the building envelope with SAPA Aluminum Plate Panels enclosing the roof screen and street level canopies.
Pacific Erectors Provided: Furnish and install metal siding, composite metal panels, perforated sail structure, and water proofing underlayment. Pacific Erectors Provided: Composite aluminum panels provided by Keith Panel Systems, Dimension Series panels and Profile Metal panels by CENTRIA with Tyvek weather membrane. The Steel Stud Manufacturers Association (SSMA) Code Compliance Certification program kicked off July 1 at steel framing manufacturing plants across America. For three generations, Orlando Building service has been a family owned and operated business; presently, a fourth generation is working at the apprentice level. Having their own construction crew and equipment gives Orlando Building Service the flexibility and control needed to effectively supervise projects from start to finish as well as meet production schedule deadlines. The company’s clientele includes retail stores, restaurants, churches, and upscale shopping center, auto body shops, citrus packing facilities and medical offices.

These Water and Life Museums were designed and built to achieve LEED platinum certification from the U.S. KPS has spent the last 20 years developing wall systems to meet the challenges of North America’s most demanding construction environments. The architect selected the same stainless steel panels for both the roof and walls of the mechanical screen. The Construction Specialty sun shades and louvers offer aesthetics and energy savings to the owner.
Initiated over one year ago and approved by SSMA members in October, the program officially began marking Code-Compliant Certified products this month.
We are dedicated to providing our clients with the best products and services in the industry today.
All our services are done with an attention to detail that is comparable to any other contractor around. By emphasizing integrity and high construction standards, buildings constructed in the early sixties still stand and house successful businesses today.
This system integrates unique features such as compartmentalized Rainscreen cavities, free floating attachment and concealed thru wall flashing at horizontal joints. This new UC Davis building can be seen from Highway 80 so enclosing the mechanical equipment from view was paramount. The intricate intersection of curved supports and sloping soffit panels added a modern statement to a historical San Francisco landmark. This project was built as an addition to an existing manufacturing facility requiring us to work around existing operations and keep work areas operational. Other panels are fabricated by Centria; Econolap, Style rib, and Dimension Series foam panels.

The main entry is clad in Keith Panel Systems thin composite that even the busiest traveler finds impressive. We are a California authorized dealer for CENTRIA's vast product line of ribbed horizontal and vertical panels; from concealed fastener profile to welded mitered corners to perforated eco screen. Based on random inspections by a third party inspection agency, Architectural Testing, Inc. Our staff is made up of highly trained professionals with years of experience dealing with both residential and commercial clientele.
With over 100 years experience, Butler is one of the oldest and largest pre-engineered metal building manufacturers in the United States.A Butler systems play a part in buildings within the commercial, community, industrial, and agricultural markets. KPS Pressure Equalized Rainscreen Panel Systems provide maximum building envelope protection by eliminating pressure differentials. Aesthetics and air flow were achieved by the use of perforated profile panels giving the identical appearance from all elevations.
Most of the work was installed using suspended scaffolding or aerial equipment keeping the ground area clear for other trades. Another unique detail is the 150 foot long curved standing seam roof panels without joints. Underlayment materials by Grace Waterproofing; Grace Perm A Barrier VP Spray Applied Air Barrier and Perm A Barrier Sheet Membrane. Panels can be perforated for maximum air flow or integrated with louvers for a clean, custom look.

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