The Deluxe Style is the strongest structure available with 2 x 3 Galvanized tubing or framing and comes standard with 14 gauge tubing or framing. Prices below include anchoring the metal building to a concrete slab and does not include the price of the concrete slab. Colors available through Barn Shed and Carport Direct include: red, light gray, charcoal, blue, green, brown, bone white, ivory, tan and clay. What if a building could save you money and in turn give you the opportunity to become more competitive? Our metal barns and steel farm buildings can be built for a fraction of the cost of wooden agricultural buildings, require minimal maintenance, and have a lifespan of 40+ years.
Our pre-fabricated metal agricultural buildings are as economical as a pole barn but with much more usable space because we can design clear-span buildings.
Why build with light gauge pole barns when you can construct a heavy duty I-beam metal barns ? We especially enjoy the attached steel canopy.The ordering process was great, the delivery time quick and the set up very easy.
An agricultural building that is (1) designed to your exact specifications, (2) made with only the highest quality materials, (3) fast and easy to construct, (4) and requires minimal maintenance, (5) all for an affordable price; those are the only kinds of metal building MBMI produces. Our onsite engineers can design up to 200 feet wide without the need of any columns, and as long as you like.
The immense competition amongst producers today puts constant pressure on farmers to look for the best quality tools at the best price to maintain a competitive edge. Ironbuilt Steel designs and manufactures a full spectrum of agricultural metal buildings including steel barns, farm metal buildings, equipment storage sheds, hay storage, farm workshops, livestock shelter, dairy buildings, grain storage and produce storage buildings.

Ironbuilt steel frame farm buildings are a solid I-beam construction and offer many benefits for agriculture over wood frame pole buildings when used for metal barns, equipment, grain and crop storage.
With no horizontal chords or knee braces Ironbuilt's sleek frame design eliminates area for birds to perch above your expensive equipment. Call us today at 1-800-805-0084 for pricing and information on how Ironbuilt can help with your next agricultural building.
Details: This 24' x 21' x 9' A-frame building features a fully enclosed 2 car garage providing tons of parking room.
From a distance, I thought this building was the Red Cow Inn, but the sign shows that the pub Link is 150 yards ahead. A vertical roof, 2' x 3' framing, welded corners, 9' leg height, two windows, one 34" walk-in door and two side entry 10' x 8' roll-up doors. We know your time is money, and time spent maintaining a barn is time taken away from producing, and that is money lost! Your agricultural steel building can be customized for use as a barn, riding arena, shed, storage building, car barn, garage or anything you need. Precision manufactured and sealed tight, our pole metal buildings do not allow insects or rodents in. Foam and metal closures that seal your building tight ensure that moisture, rodents and insects stay outside away from your grain and produce. There is plenty of space in this building for your vehicles, yard equipment, recreation equipment, and even space the storage shed for a workbench and tools for all your DIY projects! Insulation packages are great for keeping the cold out in the winter and keeping cool in the summer.

At MBMI we know you need your building to be dependable and reliable because it will be the home for your livestock or the shelter for your equipment.
Ironbuilt pre-engineered metal storage buildings do not contain wood members that can warp, sag or rot.
Your hay and grain will stay dry in your Ironbuilt farm metal building kit due to our superior panel overlap, extra-wide mastic sealing tape, Lifetime fasteners with neoprene washers and metal and foam closures. This storage shed will provide you with years of maintenance free protection of your vehicles, boats, equipment and other valuables. This premium metal structure will provide you with years of maintenance free protection of your valuable property. Moreover, these buildings must still be within your budgets so that the prices of your products and your competitiveness in the industry aren't affected. With our buildings you don't have to worry about wood screws backing out and causing leaks like in a pole barn.
Non-combustible materials help to eliminate the risk of fire consuming your all steel metal storage building.

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