With over 30 years in the metal building construction industry building Jacksonville metal homes, we can design and build a home faster and cheaper than traditional home building methods.
Our residential and commercial metal buildings are built to handle wind loads for all areas of Florida even Dade County.
14 colors to choose from with options like roll up doors, windows, and gutters and downspouts to name a few.

Exterior choices include stucco, metal, brick, block, EIFS, wood, or any type of conventional construction materials.
We supply quality steel building products for you or your contractor to construct a simple living quarter in an existing barn or commercial building or custom as a home you would build from lumber. A full line of steel building products including metal studs, light gauge steel framing, and heavy structural steel, commercial grade steel sheetings, and trim products are available.

Quality steel framed homes are hail resistant, fire resistant, termite resistant, economically built and will last many years.

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