But the benefits of a steel building outweigh the cost benefits of a pole barn – Granted, you don’t need an entire foundation for a pole barn like you do for a steel building. Another huge detriment that accompanies wooden pole barns is the effect insects have on the building.
So while you may be considering the immediate savings from a wooden pole barn, in terms of long term satisfaction, value retention and maintenance, there’s no comparison between a wooden pole barn and a steel building.
Sometime you hear them referred to as “metal pole barns.” The term “pole barn” actually refers to wood-framed structures. Both pole barn and metal barn kits generally include all framing materials, sheathing materials, and fasteners.
All RHINO Steel Building System orders come with three sets of plans plus an anchor-bolt layout. In a steel barn package, every component of the framing is cut to length, welded into shape, drilled and punched for easy assembly, and clearly marked for identification. Most pole kits do not pre-cut the lumber to length, nor do they mark the individual pieces of the kit. Steel barns and buildings erect by connecting two columns together with two rafter beams to form a “frame.” Frames attach to a slab foundation, concrete perimeter wall, or concrete footings with strong steel anchor bolts.
The web design of wood trusses, combined with the truss chord and posts, mean ten or more pieces to produce a “frame” comparable to the metal framing system. Wood pole barns use nails and truss plates to assemble the main building framing and trusses. Steel barns and other metal buildings connect with high-strength bolts and self-drilling screws. RHINO also uses special fasteners for the Galvalume roof and wall sheathing with a Lifetime warranty against rust. RHINO’s experienced steel building specialists are capable of answering all questions about steel barns and other structures. General Discussion (Everything Else) Discuss anything that doesn't belong in any other forums here. I'm looking to build a 30'x50' shop and I wanted to get opinions from owners of both pole barns and metal buildings. FYI i'm calling a pole barn with building with the 6x6 wood posts in ground and roof trusses.
A RHINO rigid-frame metal building is constructed by attaching steel columns to steel rafter beams to create a single “frame.” Frames are attached to the foundation every 20’ or 25’.
RHINO steel buildings differ from pole barns in that the structure is made entirely of prefabricated steel components, right down to the support beams. RHINO metal barns are prefabricated as kits with factory-precise components for quick and easy on-site assembly. RHINO steel barns and agricultural buildings work well for many farming and ranching applications, including dairy barns, hay barns and sheds, heavy equipment and commodity storage, horse stables, riding arenas, grain storage, workshops, and more. A RHINO steel barn is fire resistant, lightning resistant, strong, durable, termite resistant, waterproof, and practically maintenance free.
RHINO steel barns can be built with a variety of door and window options, including large overhead doors to accommodate heavy duty farming equipment.
RHINO steel buildings are the perfect building system for warehouses and distribution centers, regardless of size. Faster: Save as much as one third on construction time with RHINO’s prefabricated building system. Durable: RHINO steel buildings are built strong to last long, retaining their structural integrity, beauty, and value for many decades. Clearspan: RHINO’s rigid frame steel framing is so strong it can span much larger areas without needing cumbersome interior support columns. RHINO prefabricated steel industrial buildings provide nearly limitless applications for manufacturing facilities, warehouses, welding shops, meat packing plants, processing plants, recycling centers, saw mills and lumber yards, aircraft hangars, truck terminals, oil and gas buildings, equipment storage, industrial parks, and more.
Faster: RHINO’s prefabricated steel framing components provide a much faster construction cycle, because all the steel framing members are cut, welded, and drilled at the factory to make assembly quick and easy.
Affordability: RHINO metal buildings provide an overall greater cost effectiveness than competitors. Durability: Our steel buildings are built to last, while retaining their strength and value for decades. Clearspan: RHINO’s rigid frame steel framing is so strong it can span much wider areas without interior support columns. Churches and congregations operate under strict budgets and have different financial needs than the average client.
RHINO buildings can be designed to include classrooms, a youth center, administrative offices, a counseling center, conference rooms, choir and music rooms, and kitchens, as well as meeting rooms or fellowship halls for church banquets and social gatherings or large wedding receptions.
Quality: RHINO church buildings offer premium grade materials and other exceptional benefits not included with other systems.

Integrity: Our mission has always been to offer the finest building at the most affordable price, while providing exceptional service before, during, and after the sale. Pacemaker Buildings is an experienced, professional design and post frame contractor that has the equipment, knowledge, and expertise to help you every step of the way. Pacemaker Buildings is a regional leader in designing, manufacturing and constructing post frame buildings for the agricultural, commercial, equestrian, and suburban markets.
Pacemaker Buildings have been able to perfect the art of crafting beautiful, durable, cost-effective structures for more than 30 years. Post Frame buildings, often called Pole Buildings, are structures that can literally have thousands of uses for your home, business, or farm because of their storage capabilities and the great strength that makes them durable and long-lasting. Apart from the tremendous utility of pole buildings, the aesthetic appeal is another factor in making them desirable as storage buildings, since they are available in an endless variety of configurations and color schemes, which means there is sure to be something available to suit every taste.
In terms of construction materials, there are good reasons for using either metal or shingles on your pole building, and some of the justifications for each are listed below.
For all intents and purposes, metal materials are maintenance-free during their lifetimes and will not require painting or preserving. Independent studies have shown that there is a 20% reduction in energy cost with metal roofing because of emissivity which is the materials ability to release absorbed heat. Metal will not rot, split, crack, break or curl up, which is one of the reasons it generally requires no maintenance. It is resistant to termites, pests, mold, mildew, dirt and the effects of aging from environmental influences. Metal typically has a very long life expectancy, and rarely needs replacement, which makes it an economical choice. Modern metal materials often consist of high quality steel or steel substrate, not the cheaper aluminum or tin from years past.
Owners of shingled buildings often claim they are more visually appealing than the look of metal.
Shingle options are readily available in great numbers since it has been the most popular option for years past. As can be seen from the above, both materials have their strong points, and both will continue to be very popular for a long time to come. This entry was posted in Help Center, Main, Post Frame Buildings and tagged pole buildings, post frame buildings, shingles vs metal roofing on August 6, 2014 by Jack Cripe. Your complete guide and checklist for selecting a contractor, building type and navigating the planning and zoning process. Many of our customers believe that pole barns are a simple way to meet their agricultural or even storage needs. Even raw materials sometimes cost less with a pole barn but what you lose in the long run doesn’t compare.
A pole barn, by definition, has intrusive poles which minimize the internal clear span or your open space under roof.
A wooden pole barn is going to succumb to the elements in far less time than a steel building system. Termites are obvious, but other insects such as beetles, wasps and many types of bees tend to make wooden structures their homes. Whether it’s a garage, a workshop, a true barn, a storage building, a church, or a retail establishment, assessors often attribute more value to steel buildings.
This lower pitch roof means higher energy efficiency with less area to heat. They will tend to bow and warp which causes the screws to loosen and the holes to widen which is a leading cause of roof leaks. Steel-framed barns and other structures are usually built with pre-engineered metal building systems. Steel’s superior strength means only four steel components are required for each frame in prefabricated metal barns and steel buildings. I'll frame in the ceiling for storage above the rafters, which you can't do with metal frame.
People who ask about a pole barn may actually be envisioning a steel building and simply using an incorrect term. Features that are common to most pole barns include all wood poles as the support beams and a metal shell for the outer walls. The space between two frames is called a “bay.” The steel frames are connected across the bay with steel members called “girts” on the wall columns and “purlins” on the roof rafters.
All the primary framing pieces are cut, welded, and drilled for fast bolt-together construction.
They protect your livestock and equipment assets from the elements, while providing decades of trouble-free, water-tight service.
RHINO framing is guaranteed to meet or exceed all local building codes and loads for the life of the structure.

An assortment of natural lighting options are available, such as high-strength sidewall lighting and skylights.
Our prefabricated buildings system offers benefits for the warehousing industry which are unavailable with other types of construction. All components are cut, welded, and drilled at the factory for quick assembly at the job site.
That allows warehouse operations more flexibility in storing and moving their products quickly and efficiently. RHINO Steel Building Systems are built to exacting standards and include many standard features and waterproofing benefits only offered as options by other companies. Industrial buildings can be both functional and attractive, with colorful, durable, maintenance-free PBR (purlin bearing rib) steel panel exteriors.
RHINO prefabricated metal church buildings offer amazing customizations, while keeping building and construction costs affordable.
Our heavy-gauge steel roof and walls panels, for example, provide greater strength by overlapping the panels more fully, where other building systems do not. However, one of the greatest appeals of pole buildings is that they can be constructed much more quickly and much less expensively than traditional stud-wall structures, yet their large load-bearing posts allow them to handle even greater loads.
In the end, it may simply come down to which looks better to the buyer, but the practical reasons should at least be considered. A home owner who is a recreation enthusiast might want to store a recreational vehicle in a pole building, and a do-it-yourselfer would love setting up a workshop in one of them. Your roof takes a beating day in and day out from elements such as rain, snow, wind, and sun exposure. While a wasp may not necessarily destroy the wooden structure, in terms of enjoyment, they’re definitely going to take away from the peace you’ll have while using the building. In the future, if you’re using your building as collateral, consider the loan value associated with pole barns versus steel buildings!
To determine which structure will better fit your needs, let’s take a look at the differences between pole barns and RHINO metal buildings. The remaining framing components and roof and wall panels are applied with self-drilling screws.
Although most people choose our durable and attractive steel panels and trim to finish the exterior of their steel-framed barns, stone, brick, stucco, wood, or other finishing materials can be added to achieve a variety of exterior styles. Delivery is faster too, usually within six to seven weeks from order, to get your material handling operation up and running as quickly as possible. RHINO standard steel warehouses can span up to 150’ in width without any interior supports; custom designs can clear span up to 200’ in width or more. Brick, stone, stucco, glass, or tilt-up concrete exteriors can be used on a RHINO steel building if required.
RHINO buildings can span up to 150’ in width without any interior supports on a standard order; custom designs can clearspan up to 200’ in width. Every congregation is distinctive, which is why we offer houses of worship that can be designed to fit your church’s particular needs. Our standard features also include many other features, like die-formed ridge caps, formed base trim, closure strips, and matching cover trim for all door and window openings. With less materials needed for support functions, pole buildings also have more interior space available for storage, so they can be very economical as well. A farmer might keep animals, farm equipment, or possibly even hay and straw inside their agricultural building, and a business owner might find one of these buildings useful for storing office equipment and other supplies. Once a span gets above 35 – 40’ the cost to run Clear Span with a pole barn increase sharply. If you live in an area where humidity is high, consider the fact that your wooden pole barn will be subjected to the harshness of water on a constant basis. I’ve also sent you an email so we can go about getting you in touch with one of our building consultants. Hook up boat to truck and park in shop, get everything ready night before, no fear of anyone stealing anything. Many do-it-yourselfers assemble and erect the framing themselves with the help of a few friends, just like an old-fashioned barn raising.
With so many standard selections and extras available from RHINO, your steel barn can be customized to fit your unique needs and preferences.
RHINO steel church buildings offer exceptional features to protect your investment, so your tithes can be spent on growing your congregation rather than on constant facility maintenance and repair.

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