Details: Metal farm buildings such as this one is an excellent choice for keeping valuable investments safe and secure.
If you like this metal farm building design and need different dimensions, it's not a problem.
Prices below include anchoring the metal building to a concrete slab and does not include the price of the concrete slab.
Colors available through Barn Shed and Carport Direct include: red, light gray, charcoal, blue, green, brown, bone white, ivory, tan and clay.
Customized steel buildings for small retail stores as well as large office complexes and industrial parks. Thinking about your building requirements might help you choose a metal building over other options such as traditional wood built buildings for a variety of reasons. Your budget can also restrict the type of durable metal building that you can build; however budgets do not mean that you have to restrict your purchases to metal materials or buildings of poor quality. Metal building kits tend to come in different variations and can be used for various purposes. Where harsh weather is a strong consideration, metal buildings built with metal building kits will do a much better job than wood options.
Buying metal building kits does not mean you’re into DIY and you have to do the job yourself. The cost of a metal building should differ depending on whether you are dealing directly with a steel building supplier, or with a steel building contractor.
The steel components which are included in a steel building order vary from company to company. Once your basic steel building has been ordered you may want to hire a professional designer, such as an architect, to help with the project. If you choose not to hire a designer for your building, you will need to satisfy the design requirements by yourself. The supplier is responsible to fulfill the specifications, design loads, and other particulars, including local codes, specified by the dealer in the steel building order. Braemar Building Systems is the leading factory direct supplier of custom pre-engineered straight wall metal buildings in North America.
Whether your a contractor or an individual, we can help you with the right building at the right price. Pre-engineered buildings offer a number of advantages over older conventional building materials. An immediate savings comes from the shorter construction time required to build the building. Once there, the labor hours required to complete the building are much less than traditional construction. On average, metal and steel frame buildings save between 30 and 50 percent of the construction time compared to conventional buildings.
The long life, factory applied finishes on Braemar's buildings translates to reducing both short and long term maintenance costs.
To start, the walls and roof of every building arrive from our factory pre-finished with your choice from a large variety of complimentary colors and finishes for the building's roof, walls and trim. With over 30 years of experience, Braemar's building specialists have a wealth of ideas and suggestions to help insure you get a building that meets your aesthetic needs at the best price.
With success often comes the need for more space and our modular buildings are wonderfully unique in this area.
We understand that for many people, their building project is a one-time experience and we're here to make that both really easy and completely painless for you!

Our 30 years of experience with everything from storage sheds to manufacturing plants means we have the answers to all your questions to help you get started. If you know the size and options you want, you can get a custom quote in just a few minutes. It is fully enclosed and has 10' leg height with a huge 10' x 10' roll-up door for the storage of farm vehicles, riding mowers, equipment and more.
All farm buildings can be built with your specific needs in mind; just give us a call today!
The main reason for opting for this type of building is the fact that it will be be more durable than any other alternative options and it is used in places that require strong long-lasting structures and good security as opposed to other kinds of building alternatives. There are a wide variety of online suppliers offering quality materials at affordable prices due to unique arrangements that the owners of these stores have with suppliers of these items. Ultimately it is the responsibility of the person who wants these buildings to think of why they want them and what purposes they will serve; however the advantages of durability and security are available to all who patronize online stores that sell quality products of this kind. These kits tend to provide a cheaper option of constructing buildings when compared to traditional options and this is one reason for their immense popularity. Even when the weather isn’t a problem the long lasting nature of steel is the preferred advantage. You should have a clear understanding of all the many materials which are included in any steel building package before ordering and you should also be familiar with what is specified in an order copy that will be delivered via the supplier or dealer.
You may wish to look to the following listing as an example of a basic building package order.
This person will specify the design requirements for your building and communicate these particulars to either the building dealer or the supplier.
It is highly recommended that a professional be retained to help you with all design criteria. The supplier is also responsible for the structural design of the steel building to the customer via the dealer. In most cases, a properly specified and quality manufactured steel framed metal building will yield a more attractive building that is both environmentally friendly and at a surprisingly lower cost per square foot than other types of building construction. Uniform and consistent structural framing provides a great deal of flexibility in both the amount and type of insulation used in the building.
And, any issues of insect damage, rot or structural deterioration due to aging are practically eliminated when comparing metal buildings to other conventional building types. The fact that the buildings themselves are non-flammable can mean a substantial discount in insurance costs. Braemar prides itself in designing buildings that are both attractive and, at the same time, more economical. Our large selection of colors means your building can easily compliment the surrounding environment as well as other structures. Imagine being able to remove a well designed building's end wall, add an additional section to the building and then actually reuse the original endwall! Doing it right means working with an experienced company that first listens to your wants and needs.
Braemar Metal Buildings has the experience and the design teams to accomplish these goals and make sure you're as happy with your building 20 or 30 years from now as you are today. So call us today and find out why Braemar Metal Buildings truly is the leader in the metal buildings industry! People use them for everything from storage buildings to metal garages and even for commercial and industrial establishments and in agriculture. Purchasers wishing to take advantage of such stores and the associated low prices can easily visit such stores online for a better understanding of availability in terms of prices and options.

Other reasons include the fact that such kits are also durable and make a better alternative than certain options such as wood buildings.
Wood can be affected by fires as well as organic conditions but metal is basically impervious to these things under normal circumstances. They probably won’t charge you as much as it would cost to build a structure from scratch considering the fact that you have gone the extra mile and purchased the kit yourself. The end wall and interior framing of the steel building package are usually seen as part of the basic building and are included along with the flange bracing, columns, and rafters. The design requirements should include the wind and snow loads, seismic, and exposures for the job site location, at a minimum. If a steel building dealer is a part of the ordering process, that dealer is responsible for ensuring that all specifications, design loads, and other particulars are incorporated into the steel building order and that these are addressed with the supplier.
The steel building supplier is responsible to the dealer and customer for compliance with the specifications, design, loads, and any other particulars itemized in the building order.
When properly designed and constructed, metal buildings are much safer than other conventional building structures and have a proven track record of being extremely resistant to the forces of nature including wind, rain, snow, seismic activity and fire.
Even more, our buildings can be enhanced with glass walls, stucco, brick and a variety of other treatments. The company has to have the skills and knowledge to make sure that your building is designed properly to fulfill those needs. It's your own complete custom building right down to local building codes, colors, doors and windows! These buildings come in different kinds and they can easily be put together when they come as kits or you can get them installed by professionals who are skilled in this area. These kits can be used for both home and business use and there are a range of structures which they can be used to build.
Regardless of the way you look at it, these kits provide you with the best option possible.
Make sure that the horizontal bracing with purlins, girts, eaves components, wall columns, and base angles are also included.
Make sure that the steel building package you order is suited to your needs before you purchase and that the design and relevant compliance is handled by building professionals.
And finally, they must make sure that your building meets or exceeds your local code requirements.
Kits have been used for the construction of larger structures such as metal homes, sheds, garages and a number of other building types.
The supplier or dealer should also include any other structural framing that supports the roof and wall coverings of the steel building. Accomplishing all of these objectives assures you will enjoy and appreciate your investment for a long, long time.
All nuts, bolts and washers for the structural framing of the steel building should also be a part of your order. Finally, check that the exterior roof and wall covering is included along with the trim, fasteners, sealers, and closers.
Any additional components such as doors and windows are not a part of most basic building packages and need to be purchased separately.

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