Ryanshedplans - 12,000 shed plans with woodworking designs, The ultimate collection of outdoor shed plans and designs - woodworking projects patterns. Our metal buildings with metal roofare built to last, and are maintenance free.Need to move it---no problem, they are totally portable. Aluminum is great for keeping your building cool as it reflects 95% of the light from your building. The aluminum roof panels are one long sheet of metal that laps over your building, creating a water tight finish.

The standard galvalume metal is 29 guage and carries a 30 year leak and damage warranty(also available in 26 gauge). However, there is a price change under the galvalume should you choose a thicker gauge or our color options. It comes in sheets of metal that are placed on each side of your building with a ridge cap in the middle as you see in the picture. In consideration of purchasing a building with an aluminum roof, you want to steer clear of heavily wooded areas over top of your building.

Fallen tree branches and pinecones can puncture holes in your aluminum creating leak damage.

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