A metal Quonset hut is a semi-cylindrical structure made of corrugated galvanized steel whose design is based on the British Nissen huts used during the World War I.
In the 1940s Quonset huts were popularly used as storage buildings which offered three main benefits for the military who were the ones who used them most that time; ease of assembly, lightweight transport, and easy to tear down should they ever need to be taken down. While Quonset huts were primarily made from galvanized steel during their early years of production, they are now available in other materials such as standard steel or steel sheets which are of high grade.
Metal Quonset huts are usually semi-circular in form and have vertical walls on both of its ends. Because of its arched shaped, the roof is less resistant to gravity and the overall weight of the roof is more evenly spread out; this makes it have less risks of collapsing. Since Quonset huts are made from steel, these buildings are termite proof and pretty much impervious to any other insect problems which is one of the main concerns that builders of wooden structures face. Being made from high-grade metals which are treated and coated to help ensure they last for several years, Quonset huts need much less maintenance compared to most other kinds of buildings nowadays. Owing to its semi-circular structure, a metal Quonset hut can stand all by itself without the need for pillars or interior walls. Ventilation options can also be easily added or modified in order to change these huts into more inhabitable spaces instead of just being safe and dry storage units.
With these features and advantages, opting for a Quonset hut can indeed be a wise investment. The best way to go about this is to purchase only from a reliable manufacturer, and to ask them about the quality of the sheet metals they use. While these huts were primarily used for storage purposes during the World War, they are now used for more than just storage purposes.
There are many reasons to consider a steel building for your commercial or private project, but one of the best is the fact that they are low maintenance.
Low Maintenance – Unlike wood framing, steel framing will not suffer from cracking or rotting. Easy to Clean – Do you ever have to do anything to keep the steel itself in good condition? Depending on the type of building, you can use a pressure washer to save time, or you can go ahead and clean the structure by hand with water and mild soap. Reduced Fire Risk – The chance for an indoor or outdoor fire is lower when using steel construction than with using traditionally build materials.
There are so many great reasons to choose steel—not the least of which is saving time and money. Since many steel frames come in kit form, all you have to do is follow the plan and put the precise pieces together.
Awarded TRUSTe's Privacy Seal signifying that this privacy policy and practices have been reviewed by TRUSTe for compliance with TRUSTe's program requirements including transparency, accountability and choice regarding the collection and use of your personal information. But the real question is how can have a steel residence cut down on your utilities and energy costs? This system goes in the roof and the walls and literally acts as a shield from summer heat getting in and warmth during winter getting out.
Building a new steel home or putting up a steel frame kit can save you time, money and energy costs. Get FREE multiple prefab metal Quonset building quotes from several building suppliers and compare them! This metal building survives decades-worth of production, but no longer just as a storage area.
Unlike wood buildings, the hut is also termite and insect-proof, reducing the need to invest in coating and pest extermination. A Quonset is a closed structure with a semi-circular cross section and with two vertical walls on both ends. Owners can have the option of installing various types of doors and multiple windows for convenience and for better ventilation.
Longlife Steel Buildings provides top quality pre-engineered buildings for almost every application.
We aim to provide the best selection of metal arch style buildings for all our customers’ size and use requirements.
If you are a Government agency or an Industrial, Commercial or manufacturing company and need a building within days on an urgent deadline, Longlife can fabricate and ship Quonset buildings on an expedited schedule.
Our efficient professionally trained sales and customer service departments offer invaluable assistance to successfully complete your building project, providing you with reliable prefabricated buildings to be proud of that will be maintenance free for years to come.

Whether you are planning to build metal pole barns to house equipment and machinery, commercial buildings for a warehouse, backyard steel workshop buildings to complete your home renovation projects or metal buildings kits, Longlife Steel Buildings will provide you with the most durable alternative at a price you can afford!
Simply call us or fill out the online quote form for an online price quote and describe how you will be using your building.
Steel arch buildings or quonset buildings are heavy gauge metal buildings with no interior framing, trusses, or posts. The self supporting metal arch buildings are ideal for garages, shops, hay and grain storage, RV storage, and much more.
They were primarily made as all-purpose and lightweight buildings which can be easily assembled without using much skilled labor. Because of its simple structure, metal Quonset huts are still widely used today and not just for storage purposes. They are also available in different kinds of metal sheets which are coated or treated to help ensure that they can withstand even years of exposure to the elements.
What makes a metal Quonset hut highly distinctive is its semi-circular appearance and it is also because of this physical feature of the hut that is has become a truly advantageous building.
Overall, a metal Quonset hut is a sturdy building which also promotes better aerodynamics that makes it an ideal choice for windy places such as plains or rolling hills. Because these metal huts won’t suffer from termite attacks, it cuts the need for special coating as well as pest extermination fees. Apart from cheap building, it also boasts of being very simple to construct and cheap to maintain. This means having more space to move around with less of the usual interior structures which can become obstructions.
While windows and doors can be added, it still regains its durability and ability to protect its inhabitants because of the materials used for its main body. However, it is important to check some factors first before purchasing a Quonset hut kit or building materials. Certifying the quality of the initial materials to be used for construction is essential to having a lasting Quonset Hut. They can be made into barns, garages, cottages, offices, houses, restaurants, shops, and other commercial or personal use. Apart from being able to use a Quonset hut as practically any kind of building, it also has several other benefits that make it a top choice for modern building purposes.
For example, if lightning should strike your steel home, you will be safer there than practically anywhere because the steel will conduct the electricity to the ground. They are modular, stylish, and are generally less expensive than most other construction materials available today. Quonset huts nowadays are pre-made for various purposes: as garages, cottages, houses, conference areas, offices, shops, restaurants… the applications are limitless! The highly distinctive semi-circular shape is the Quonset hut’s most distinguishable feature, and is the primary reason that makes it such an advantageous building.
The absence of pillars is an advantage: this means less obstructions and more space to be used.
Doors and windows can also turn the hut from plain storage spaces into cozy abodes, lending its many advantages to the protection of homeowners and dwellers.
One simple way to do this is to identify if the vendor is reliable and if they provide information regarding the product. Whether you are in need of a steel garage or metal building kits, Longlife Steel Buildings has an application that’s right for you.
Listed below are just a few of the different applications that our steel buildings may be used for. Our steel storage buildings have been used for a wide array of uses ranging from airplane hangars, to boat storage and farm equipment or machinery storage. For those that require a small or medium sized metal building, the special design of our P-line and A-line metal buildings kits are great for workshops, storage sheds and boat or RV garages.
Portable or small arch steel buildings can be custom made in any size for pump shelters, well covers, barge buildings, waste storage, conveyor covers and any other special application or site condition. Longlife stands behind its products with an industry leading 35 year non-prorated warranty backed by the steel mill.
We also ship our metal garage buildings worldwide and have provided prefabricated buildings solutions for private and Government projects in 5 continents and 33 countries. A Longlife Steel Buildings representative will work with you to create an arch style building to fit your budget, style and all your specifications.

Steel arch building owners love the 100% usability in the arch building created because there is no interior framing. Today, an arched metal Quonset hut is considered as a modular and stylish building which can serve several purposes while offering durability and ease of construction compared to making similarly-structured wood or cement buildings. Because of the same arched roof structure, there is no need for gutters and the Quonset hut can withstand rain and even strong storms.
Fitting large vehicles or pieces of furniture would be no problem and moving them around is a breeze too! Being available in several kinds of sheet metals today, they can be used to add an industrial appeal while maintaining functionality in the structure of the building. People are also making the switch to metal because of the long-term advantages of owning metal buildings over wood, concrete and other types of materials. This is because Quonset hut kits have made the beloved hut accessible in various designs, shapes and sizes. Depending on the type of steel sheet used, a Quonset hut can withstand years of exposure to extreme weather. The Quonset building is completely upright and can stand on its own even with the absence of interior walls or central pillars. Quonset hut kits can allow owners to store the smallest furniture to the biggest vehicle possible! Although Quonset hut kits are usually depicted as plain-looking structures, home and business owners need not worry.
Another important factor to consider with prefabricated kits is framing and the fitting of the purlins. Our buildings are accurately designed by skilled engineers to match project specifications and manufactured with rigid quality control standards.
With our flexible design, you can choose from sizes of 10 to 120 feet wide making them ideal for prefab agricultural buildings. We also provide steel garages for RV storage, backyard workshops, garage apartments, mechanic bays and much more! The flexible design and economical pricing of our S-line and Q-line quonset buildings allow up to 120 feet width, any length and can be customized to match each customer’s specific application requirements. The use of your steel arch building, or the needs of your building could determine the model or type that you choose. Rusting, cracks and surface damage can be prevented by top quality steel sheets, making the Quonset hut one of the least demanding building materials to maintain.
The weight of the roof is distributed evenly along the frames of the hut, making it less likely to topple or to collapse. To ensure that the Quonset hut is weather-tight, every part of it must be in place – from the purlins down to the bolts. The steel arches and end walls are made of heavy gauge Galvalume steel in the USA with only 100% American steel and are simply designed for fast do-it-yourself construction. Provided as an easy to assemble do-it-yourself steel building kit, our simple quick-build instructions will guide you in the construction of your new steel garage and save you thousands in labor.
Buying huts which come with guarantees or warrantees can also help make the purchase more of an investment instead of being a risk. Find out what Quonset huts are, get several quonset building prices and find out if they’re just the right choice for your construction needs! Now, peaked roof types are available, and options for interior rooms and exterior expansions are available. Installing rooms can also virtually turn the basic storage building into offices and homes. Whether peaked or arched, huts now come in various prefabricated styles, colors and types, forming a range of options for the particular buyer. As for the vendor, do business with those who are giving warranties and guarantees on their product and services. With metal Quonset huts, personalized buildings are now accessible at a more affordable price.
The arched roof eliminates the need for gutters – that part of the roof that is most in need of maintenance and constant repairs.

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