Proudly Serving: Sacramento, Grass Valley, Chico, Stockton, Fairfield, Oakland, San Jose, Santa Rosa, Napa, Clear Lake, CA and Surrounding Areas.
Our most prestigious project to date is Sunrise Boat and RV Storage, the largest indoor boat and RV storage facility on the west coast.
The entire structure was conceived, engineered, and manufactured in-house, and erected on-site by Discount Metal Panels. We designed the structure with a high snow load so it could withstand the sometimes severe weather, and installed oversized doors so even the largest RV could move in and out with ease. This is one of our small buildings, measuring 16x30x8' with 8 wide 6'6" high roll up doors.
A close up of the Snaplock roof system with gutters used on a wide range of storage and industrial structures. This photo depicts a small (6 x 8 x 7'6) pump house building with a self-framing 3x7 steel door. These 2 buildings were designed and built in the old industrial district in Oakland, CA and the theme was to look old using corrugated metal siding and steel trim. This is the light gauge galvanized steel framing we have used for many types of buildings and RV covers.
Quality Tune-Up building, 45X60 with 2 bays and parts storage, located in Rancho Cordova, CA. Structural Z-Purlins, C-Purlins and custom shapes are available in a variety of sizes and gauges in lengths up to 30a€™.

Structural Z-Purlins, C-Purlins and Custom Shapes are available in a variety of sizes and gauges in length up to 30'. California Metal Buildings For Sale – Metal Buildings are usually on the market in a varied assortment of styles and flooring schemes to decide on.
One other substantial benefit of utilizing steel buildings in California is the fact that the building time frame is a lot quicker compared to constructing times for brick or stick constructed properties.
The point that a California Metal Building is somewhat made from the factory is the thing that helps you to decrease the development time period. Awarded TRUSTe's Privacy Seal signifying that this privacy policy and practices have been reviewed by TRUSTe for compliance with TRUSTe's program requirements including transparency, accountability and choice regarding the collection and use of your personal information. This remarkable structure measures six stories high and three football fields long, and weighs in at over 2.75 million pounds of cold steel.
This attractive eastern-style red barn was designed and built for a customer who wanted to store his motor home and tractors in a secure but attractive building.
We thought it would be great to share their successes with everyone by adding them to our website. You can save many hundreds by just shopping on-line and contrasting quotes from the best suppliers of metal in your area of California. A large number of suppliers provide fantastic guarantees, even as great as fifty years, on their buildings and 20 on the manufacturing plant applied coloring. Many building companies will confirm that they’ll build California metal buildings within weeks never months, as the other designs require.

The completed pieces are then brought locally to the assemble location and easily assembled. From the most basic steel siding and roofing job to solutions for many unique or difficult metal roofing and flashing conditions, we have the materials and the experience, knowledge, equipment and personnel to address your projecta€™s needs.
But we brought this project to an efficient and successful conclusion, and will devote the same attention to detail to your next project. Our expansion into structural components has provided our clients with the variety needed in the metal construction trade.
These companies, who are steel building specialists, will provide free price quotes to customers after which review their steel building prices. With lumber structures, you must paint or seal the property regularly to help keep it magnificent.
A lesser amount of assembly time equates to less building costs and therefore makes the construction far more economical when compared with any alternative.
Therefore you will spend a small fraction of the retail price for construction as you would likely for a lumber or bricks built building.
After a pre engineered steel building is made, there is practically no additional routine service needed.

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